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    anyone seen this new project by Bruce with BAW on standing stones and electromagnetic waves?
    backing it will give a priority access to new work (if successfully funded) and his rare CDs (signed)..
    I chipped in, but I'm skeptical that they'll meet their goal. That's a fair chunk of cash they're seeking from a very narrow group of people who'd be interested in that kind of thing (more so, interested enough to advance the cash).
    It sounds like an interesting project but part of me think's it may just be a ruse to facilitate a lot of drinking in West Cork pubs!!

    I wish them the very best of luck with it!
    well, if i see right the pledge campaign wasn't successful. unsurprisingly. target indeed too high for the potentially interested audience and "rewards" not particularly impressive, and also too expensive IMO.
    in general this looked like a very un-Bruce thing to do to me, but then he was probably just participating to the recordings and the pledge campaign was someone else's idea. i wonder whether the recordings still happened after the pledge campaign failed.
    Whatever sampling of standing stones was made, I'm sure plenty of sampling of local brews was had in surrounding watering holes ! He would've been well looked after in Cork anyway, especially if my good friend Mick O'Shea and The Guesthouse was involved. When I spoke to him about it in November he seemed at tad.. ambivalent about it.

    See him here at the project launch, with Mick and Beaconsfield's David Crawforth.