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    It's that time for end of year charts and the ever reliable Boomkat is probably the one I look forward to most. It's good because it's compiled not by journalists, bloggers or other 'trend setters' but rather a bunch of people who run a mail order record shop from an office in a grubby old building on the edge of Manchester City Centre which they share with the Citizens Advice Bureau and various voluntary organisations whose clients congregate in the stairwells. It's no hipster enclave and Nathan Barley would give it the swerve.
    I'm not sure who the Boomkat folk are nowadays (they used to have a little physical shop but it sadly closed many years ago) but they are excellent curators of the more off-kilter. They make a great effort to source and discover amazing stuff and they have immaculate taste. Interestingly there is very little crossover between their chart and Piccadilly Records just down the road but combine the two and that's a good list of stuff to recap on. Maybe widen the search and check out the lists provided by Rough Trade, Norman Records, Jumbo etc. I'm old school but somehow it's still for me the record shops that pick the best stuff better than Pitchfork or any of 'that lot'.

    Anyway, this years chart is quite Lewis heavy featuring both of Graham's releases as well as the one from Klara Lewis. I can also highly recommend the Micachu cassette, Andy Stott, Shinichi Atobe, TCF, Lee Gamble, Millie & Andrea, Juju & Jordash, 2562, but as ever the chart is full of stacks stuff I've not heard but will be checking out. Anyway if you get some record tokens for Xmas (!) fill yr boots:
    Mrs ajobjects had All Over / All Under in my xmas stocking. It's been a wonderful listen and quite disconcerting and aurally offensive in parts. An iron-clad case that Lewis is not just the "words" man. I hope he'll be putting a bit of a spanner in the Wire tunes on the next album.
    Apologies for dragging up an old(ish) thread, but if any of you haven't bought All Over and All Under yet, in my opinion you're missing out greatly.

    I've only got through All Over so far, but it's absolutely superb to my ears. Have a listen to either 'Bluebird' or 'We've lost your mind' (they are on YouTube if you hunt, but make sure you buy the CD afterwards - the man's got to eat) and see if you don't agree with me.
    All Over is brilliant and improves with every listen- I love the fact that it has a couple of cracking good pop songs amid the electronic chaos - I'd love to hear Wire interpret Bluebird, We've Lost Your Mind and Straight to the Point - but at the same time it's always been the case that there is a bunch of solo stuff by each band member at the fringes of what constitutes 'Wire' that is just as intriguing and satisfying as the band material - hidden extras waiting to be discovered - so it's nice that new stuff is being added to the outer limits of the discography.
    I'll bounce this back up again to completely agree with you about All Over. You all really need to buy it now if you haven't already.