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    who would we like to see support Wire in their all too brief UK tour?

    Ulterior ( might be good! They'd be a great contrast - assuming Wire's set isnae Send laden. Mid-80's industrial revisited with a 21st century twist?

    Songdog ( for a more laid back warm-up.

    The Horrors ( surprisingly good contemporary band with a wide range of influences from glam to punk, 60's garage to 80's post-punk. Not bad live either!

    Suicide ( would be a WONDERFUL support act!!! Contemporaries of Wire then & now - yes, they're still going!!!

    Colin - any ideas yet? Could you let us know who'll be supporting you nearer the time?
    The Horrors are fantastic live, I saw them open for The Jesus & Mary Chain
    i was at that gig (Brixton?), but it was far too early to leave the pub! i saw 'em at the Coronet early last year. they were pretty good, but awfully short set (35 mins) for headline band.
    but there songs are pretty short so they do like 10 songs in 35 minutes
    still not good enuf!
    They are reportedly playing 45 minute long sets now but I rather see a band play for 20 minutes then see a band go on and on for like 80 minutes, some bands can pull off a 80 minute set but most should just stick to 45 minutes or less
    i disagree totally! there's a thread on this subject elsewhere!
    "surprisingly good contemporary band"

    what is it you don't understand with that sentence?
    Any love for These New Puritans? Far and away by favourite new band of '08.
    Entirely wishful thinking on my part but I'd love to see the newly reactivated Punishment of Luxury supporting Wire at Leeds Met
    A perfect compliment to the Wire sound would be a set by those minimalist danish uber-rockers Silo.
    "what is it you don't understand with that sentence?"

    I was wondering why a contemporary group being any good should be surprising, but thought I might have misunderstood you.
    because don't find many new bands around any good. the above mentioned TNP being an example of that & all these 'indie' bands are cut from the same mould. which is why i find it suprising that there's a new band i like, but then both The Horrors & Ulterior both make records that hark back to an earlier age - which might explain why i like 'em. similarly The Black Keys & Congregation, both of whom i like, but they play the blues with a rock & country feel to them, respectively.
    Punishment of luxury brings back memories of their Small wonder label release in 1978, Puppet life.
    Never knew they were back on the music trail?
    "Any love for These New Puritans?...."

    These New Puritans would certainly be a band to prick the ears up. Saw them support BSP and was mightily impressed.
    Never managed to catch Punilux the first time around, and not sure how dated Laughing Acadamy might sound nowadays
    How about two support acts - David Bowie and Kate Bush? Yes, I know I'm being silly, but wouldn't you be surpised if they came out on stage and did thirty minutes each before Wire appeared for their headline stint? :)

    I can just imagine DB and KB doing a duet of Outdoor Miner! ;)
    Well, there is that pic of Bowie and Wire that did the rounds years back, and so they've at least met. On a more serious note, I'll be surprised if Wire has any support at all in the UK—it just doesn't seem to work that way.
    Great support would be a wire tribute act, playing the songs Wire won't be playing....they can do 30 mins, then wire can do 2 hours...
    i'd be happy with no support & a looong Wire set - cannae see it happening somehow!