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    Stumbled upon these while browsing for something else...
    Vinyl reissues of 4AD era '3R4' LP and 'Ends With The Sea' 7" single
    Thanks for the heads up. Now included in the Discography (mine, not Pinkflags)
    They don't come cheap, but I have a particular soft spot for these releases, 'Ends With The Sea' in particular - that single along with Wire's 'Our Swimmer' 45 were both out around about the same kind of time, mid-1981, and were my entry into the wonderful world of Wire. It wasn't very long before they were joined by other releases...
    Available on Boomkat, who heap well informed praise on both. I'm not for Vinyl re-issues of stuff I already have (albeit on the increasingly toxic CD fomat) but I'm glad these oddments are considered of sufficient interest to be put out there for another wave of people to get into.