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    Just seen this on the facebook page:

    Lots of interesting stuff in there, more details here:
    Excited about the new record and tour but I am not a fan of the new preview song at all. It seems like a return to the overly sterile production of Object 47 and the melody is not very compelling. Still have high hopes based on the strength of the other material.
    Had to keep up my 100% record of Lexington Wire shows - so will go crying to the bank manager after getting tkts for all five nights - pre-ordered the album too. Wonder why the band have decided to take the eponymous route with the album title though.....
    exciting news, hope to see in Chicago!
    No 'proper' London gig? ok, 5 nights in a nice pub, but it'll be rammed. & missing out on Wire in NYC by couple months! Last time I missed out on Savages by a few days!
    Wow! Detroit two US tours in a row? What a treat.

    Thanks so much for the early return.
    I like the new track, and if it's anything to go by the new record will sound like a continuation of CBU but with poppier songs in the Outdoor Miner/Kidney Bingos vein plus some heavier tracks like Harpooned.

    As for the album title well I guess all bands have the option of playing the "Eponymous Album title" joker...and I would have loved to have been in the meeting where that was decided. Never a good idea and often suggests mid/late career doldrums so it's a risk. I suspect we will need to think of a nickname for it like The White Album. I'm not quite sure what the cover depicts but it looks like a close-up of a fan? Do we call it The Fan Album? I'd have called it 'Harpooned' myself.
    Any clues as to who will be supporting on which night at the Lexington?
    Not yet, supposed to be announced towards the end of the month.
    front cover of new album looks like the head of a microphone to me
    No Nocturnal Koreans?

    No sign of it on the new CD and they didn't play it at Drill Brighton (not the show I saw anyway).
    Terrific track, can we have it back please?
    maybe it's acquired a new title, although sounds like there are a lot of songs kicking around that didn't make the final track listing...maybe a R&B4 can be compiled from the leftovers or some b-sides for a standalone single sometime.

    @martin yep could be a mic (Wire should run a competition!) .

    Maybe we should nickname this record The 13th (or is that too similar to the Blur LP)
    R Swimmer says...@martin yep could be a mic (Wire should run a competition!) .

    ...or perhaps a speaker grill off an amplifier??? the thick plottens! ;-)
    @uri I agree with you, terrific track and I was not very happy to see it was not on the new album. Saw them playing it live two years ago, definitely the best song from the new material.
    Ordered and I'll not listen to any tracks until it's in my sticky hands. I like a bit of anticipation!
    Looking forward to Wakefield on Friday. A bit of Art at The Hepworth and something to eat before the gig......
    Looks like the Radio 6 Festival set is scheduled for BBC red button on Saturday 28th February at 10.00pm along with The Fall.
    I like the new single and looking forward to hearing the album live at the Lexington ( doing first and last nights). As for the production on the single who am I to criticise people who own their own studio and have been in the music business for nearly 40 years?? Maybe, just maybe, that's how the band want it to sound?? Just a thought.