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    Quite possibly, although i'd probably replace the word "the band" with "Colin" in that sentence.
    Did the 6 Music set get broadcast on TV then? If so did anyone...ahem...tape it?
    Wire are being shown on the BBC red button on Saturday 28th February at 10.00pm along with The Fall.
    Ah, I must learn to read I see Kevin posted that too. Funny how they've put those two together. Wire and The Fall probably deserve to sit in the same box as bands from the same era who could otherwise be packaged as 'heritage acts' and would probably fill bigger venues if they played 'classic albums' in full but both have stuck to their guns and are determined to stay in the present and you'll be lucky to hear more than 1-2 tracks from the early days at their gigs. Wire are a lot more dependable than The Fall though, Colin isn't likely to wander off stage to either deliver his vocals from the dressing room or pass the mic to a roadie to finish the set, or turn Graham or Matt's amps on and off mid-set.
    "Colin isn't likely to wander off stage to either deliver his vocals from the dressing room or pass the mic to a roadie to finish the set, or turn Graham or Matt's amps on and off mid-set. "

    Now that would make for an interesting show (not that they aren't already)!!
    Surprised no-one's posted this:

    Also, isn't it time PF replaced the front page banner with the image of the new LP ?
    Thinking of having a w/e in Brighton - anyone got owt to say about The Prince Albert? Good or bad! I take it it's quite small inside?
    Refreshing to see some Wire youtube footage with high production values, and am looking forward to seeing more at the weekend on Mr Logie Baird's televisual device.
    I happened upon Sleepwalking from the same set on Gideon Coe's programme on Sunday night - sounded promising.
    A friend of mine who's in the 'yeah they seem ok, worth a punt' camp as regards Wire saw them at Wakefield the other night and says they put on a cracking performance.
    It'll be really interesting to hear the new album; CBU was a very singular project, and now the dust has settled, for me it was the most fully realised and consistently good album since reactivation last decade. I'm intrigued as to how the new 'facing fully forward' material sounds, not least due to Matthew's input into the creative process.
    I've been at The Prince Albert during the Drill Festival. Very small. Not sure about the capacity but i'd expect no more than 100 or so. When i was there it was so packed that they could not let everybody in, but that will obviously not be the case for the Wire gig. It also got very hot and sticky in there. Sound was ok-ish, but more or less music-pub-level. Overall i can think of better places in Brighton.
    The Musician show at Leicester (2015-02-19) is now available on Dimeadozen:
    I wonder what happened to Flying Dutch(man)/Black Watch Pipes and Nocturnal Koreans. Loved those tunes, especially the former, but they don't seem to have been played in Leicester or on the tracklist of the new album unless they have renamed again.

    The words 'flying Dutchman' appear in Joust & Jostle, so maybe that's what Flying Dutch has morphed into..
    "Nocturnal Koreans" was my favorite of the new tunes. Hoping it shows up on the album re-titled or something.
    Thanks Fergus, I've not listened to Joust & Jostle on Soundcloud. I'm waiting to hear the whole album as an album on physical media, old-school styley!

    Split Your Ends and interesting short interview with Graham :

    I really like this track, some good shoegazey noises (Matt?) - very 80s Wire middle bit - classic Wire abrubt ending - bang!
    Yeah, this new track is excellent. Great stuff.
    If i'm not wrong this is the first album since Pink Flag where Graham does not sing any songs.
    Unless I'm mistaken, his voice only appears once with any prominence on the record, but most of the words are his (all but two sets of texts).
    Presumably some here have already heard the album? I have to say if there's no Lewis vocal, that's an initial disappointment.
    If you want to have a first idea you can listen to the samples on amazon. It's just a few seconds for each song though.