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    I can't access the page where the album can be pre-ordered (nor any other page in the shop) for some reason. Is it just me or is there a problem with the page ?
    You mean here at PF? I just had a prod around and had no problem.

    I may avoid the temptation to listen to the snippets. Although I've not been totally bowled over by the two tracks made available, it's a new Wire album, so I like the anticipation and the mostly not-knowing. Hence the slight disappointment at the absence of a Lewis lead vocal, if that be the case
    Yes, here at PF. I wanted to pre.order the album but i can't access anything at the store since weeks already. Just the store, the rest of the site works fine. Maybe my browser does not like something in the greed bag page. Well, i'll buy it at the Drill London then..

    Oh, and sorry for the spoiler :-)
    Ah no, that's fine :-) I'm not sealing myself off from it. Details and snippets will inevitably seep through, and I'm following all links to interviews and so forth. All part of the pleasure of anticipation!
    Greedbag's working fine here. This is the pre-order page for the new album.
    Thanks, it was my browser that could not access the page. Using a different browser it works.
    Reviewed in the new Mojo (the one with Blur on the front)- A slightly miserly score of 3/5 but otherwise quite complimentary:

    "...builds on the sound of it's predecessor....with Matthew Simms key to the record's chiming, propulsive sound. If nothing quite reaches the hook-laden heights of Outdoor Miner or Kidney Bingos, there are plenty of sunlit avant-pop uplands, most notably on the almost baroque-pop Burning Bridge, with Colin Newman's vocals at their most deadpan and Syd Barrett-like. Lyrically, Wire remain cryptic, although a teasing humour is occasionally apparent as on opener Blogging, a fairly unambiguous critique of online culture...and indeed everything here is proof that Wire, approaching their 40th anniversary, are very far from being done"

    So as a good PR person would say - a 3 star review but *reads* like a 4 star.
    Personally, I couldn't be further removed from being a PR person (shoot..shoot on sight). But my response as soon as I read that Mojo piece was "it reads like a four star review!" It also got a cracking four star offering in Q.
    3/5 seems a bit harsh to me, even more so if that extract is indicative of the review as a whole.
    streaming right now. nice.
    Although I was already signed up to see the show in my hometown of Detroit, I couldn't pass this up!

    DRILL : CHICAGO, Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley, Olivia Block, + Ken Vandermark, Nate Wooley and WIRE perform “Map Ref. 41°N 93°W”

    As a big Ken Vandermark fan, this DRILL show should be VERY interesting!
    Totally premature observations from listening to the streamed album a couple times thru. Apart from "Blogging," not overly keen on side 1 (or thereabouts), which sound a little too Githead to me (tho perhaps its more CN's delivery and the overall smoothness of the sound that leads me in that direction). I'm prepared/hopeful to reverse myself on that so-so assessment after repeated listens. The second half, starting with "Joust & Jostle," is much more to the Wire that I prefer. More aggressive sounding. And yet, we get the subdued and deliberate "Swallow," which is as excellent in studio form as the early live versions. Archetypal Wire pop and an obvious single, if those things exist anymore. "Octopus" brings to mind the glory of Chairs Missing—as if it were written from those sessions—and "Harpooning" is a beautiful closer of wonderful noise. The old bastards can still do it after all these years. I was a bit wary by the self-titled album thing—if it's not the debut, it often ends up being a danger signal—but I suspect that there's something for every Wire fan on this disc, so perhaps the title is warranted.
    It's (apart from Harpooned) a pop album for sure, but I quite like it.
    Only two small criticisms from my side:
    1) no songs at all sung by Mr. Lewis is not a good thing. i'm assuming there's a (probably good) reason why there's none, but one or two songs sung by Graham would do the album good and give it more variety.
    2) i don't like too much the second song, Shifting. i find it a bit of a filler, and putting it so early in the album is not a great idea IMO. if i listen to the album without this song i like it better.
    I felt the same way as the good Dr. and biccio after listening to the streaming version. What I told myself while I was listening a second and third time, was that part of the problem of "Side 1" was caused by the streaming of the album. Maybe subtlties that typically made my Wire listening most interesting in the past (Bruce/Matt) are there and buried in some sort of compressed cottony glaze brought on by the method of delivery. The proof will be in listening to the real thing when it arrives. Or perhaps it was just my mind hoping those interesting bits were more forward in the mix? Either way, in the end I'm happy to have new Wire and Harpooning immediately gets added to my personal best of Wire compilation.

    EDIT: Just got my "dispatched" email from greedbag, and a friend let me listen to an non-streaming version of the new album. I'm happy to report that to my ears some of the very small issues I had with the sound of the first part of the album were definitely due to the poor (compressed?) quality of the streaming. The real product sounds much better to me.
    Enjoyed the streaming listen. Kinda do miss a Lewis vocal on a track or two. Then again the bass lines on the whole album are the complete stand out. If you can steal the show on four strings and nail a lyric or two, you or I would be best off singing in the bar/bath.

    Most of the words are Graham's too, note. (Only Sleepwalking and Octopus are Colin's.) Some of the words are really great too. The texts should be up on the site today at some point.
    Love The Quietus review and the verb: to farage!
    Mine's on the doormat awaiting me. I know what I'll be doing tonight :-)
    DL'd the FLACs and will be listening on my walk to work today. Life is good.