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    Looking forward to tonight's last show at the Lexington. I went the first night although it was touch and go as I'd been in hospital most of the day for an operation. Having glimpsed the set list I was glad there were no fast songs to jump about to as I was fragile so I stood to the side of the stage. Really enjoyed the new album live and was great to hear all 11 tracks interspersed with oldies ( albeit some were off CBU !!!) including Brazil and Used To........roll on tonight.
    Just back from Rough Trade RSD. 6 song set - all tracks off the new album - "Sleepwalking" was listed for an encore but there was no time.

    They had a special prize of a white label of the album - customised by the band - for the best exotic dancing performance. A guy called Walter in his 60's won it by a landslide - and gleefully accepted his prize onstage!

    Back again at the Lex later on tonight- Wire's ninth gig at the venue in total - and I ain't missed one yet.....

    Going to Wire gigs hours after having an operation....
    Never missing a single Wire event at the Lexington...

    Nobrainer and Leefact25 are diehards in the extreme. Long may you run!
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    Yes indeed.

    I managed the first and the last night tonight, Lee has been keeping me posted of all set-listing and nuances through the week. Now it's over to the next leg of the tour and I'd insist take the opportunity to see Wire in full force. Personally I wish I could do Hebden Bridge next week but it's a bridge too far for the workload. Having seen the band through every stage of their history it is remarkable how they keep turning new corners and it's a gift to be able to see them play, still, close-up. Wire should be headlining stadium shows. Thank goodness they're not. It's a strange world.
    There are more hardcore fans than me out there - dunno if he wants to be named but one person I know was at all six London shows (5 Lexington and the RSD) - both Brighton nights - and will be attending the Southampton and Bristol dates too!

    Last night was a fitting send off - the main set - as Friday - was the new album in a different order. This was followed by a five song encore - and a spellbinding thrashout with the support band, Xaviers.

    For me - there has up to now been three seperate takes on the song "Underwater Experiences"

    The "Behind The Curtain" demo (later relyricised and retitled as "Attractive Space" for CBU)

    The D & E era version (later recorded 'properly' on the "Strays" EP and still played live today)

    The 1990 tour version - with a more melodic chorus - featured on the Hibernian Legal Boot (and that Italian book thang)

    I would say that last night's Xaviers thrash probably counts as the fourth - purely because Colin chose to sing the opening four lines of the song within it - of course this sounded nothing like any of the other three - and pretty much unlike anything I've heard Wire play before!
    Last night was excellent. Arrived at about 8.15pm with Mrs ajobjects – quick drink downstairs that was pretty quiet, cigarette outside and then up to the action.

    I caught about last half hour of Xaviers and I thought it was very good, truly aurally offensive ina good way, and the guy on the drums had the best beard I’ve ever seen – he swans around London in my imagination thinking “you London guys just have stupid flat caps and tiny scraggy beards, look at my beautiful beard”.

    After the other nights acoustic problems I took the advice and went over on the left side a little further back – much better sound. Set list wise I prefer to have it a bit mixed up like Tuesday rather than having the whole new album played first. I suppose it is fine as album launch week but, good as the new album is, I hope they take 2 of the weaker ones out and replace with some stronger ones from 21st century Wire going forward.

    The crowd diversity seems to be expanding from tubby middle aged men like me so the increased media profile / a few festivals here and there must be paying off. Around where I was stood there were quite a number of young women NOT in “I am putting up with this to please my boyfriend” mode – they knew the words to the songs new and old – towards the end there was even dancing down the front – if the number doubled for the next tour it would like Top of the Pops in its heyday.

    When Xaviers came on with Wire at the end Mrs ajobjects said “I’m quite scared” before it started as she knew how much her ears hurt after Pink Flag Orchestra at Heaven. It was an excellent thrash-out and if comes up on bootleg series I'll be buying.

    Only regret on the week – not having limitless time/cash to see it all and missing out of seeing Margaret again play with Wire.
    the highlight for me on Saturday was Split Your Ends which is my fave track (today!). Octopus and Harpooned were also immense as was the encore jam with Xaviers.

    Going back to the album, anyone getting Der Mussolini (DAF) from Blogging?
    I was at the Lex on Friday night and like previous nights I gather, walked in on the band having a pub meal in the downstairs bar. But being a respectful dude, I got my beer and nicked a seat from a so called "reserve table" and sat behind them! I quite like this venue, only about 150-200 capacity maybe? Certainly wasn't full, I was not in anyway jostled (or jousted) at the front whilst in mid pogo, so certainly not a packed gig. But to be fair, maybe the audience have bad backs like me so don't attempt much of the dancing like they Used to (Geddit?)
    As mentioned previously. the audience was mixed in age. I stood with two younger ladies from the US who came to take pics and chew gum! Had a nice dance with them during the evening. Support band, Orlando were a "Mom and Pop" act (as they call them in the States). I assume sons and a daughter on guitars and keyboards with Pop on planet-freak-out psych jazz keyboards and Mom, a really excellent drummer I must say.

    My highlight of the evening, was as Graham was setting up his FX pedals in front of me on stage, he spotted an iPad plugged into his extension lead and then accused me of being a "cheeky fucker"! I laughed saying "not me guv, honest, that's your support act!" He wrenched it out leaving it to the side, only to be followed by said Mom drummer galloping on to retrieve it with a polite thanks when he handed it to her! Obviously he did not apologise to me, but I didn't care as being called by Graham a cheeky F for allegedly attempting to record the gig was cool! Great gig though and despite what is said here, I rather liked the fact that the whole LP got played in one hit (out of order) to start with and no surprise that 18 songs straight off, the band did not return for an encore. Nice that Silk Skin Paws was in the set and seeing Margaret join the band for the non-LP songs at the end.
    Hi there pop-pickers - "Wire" is straight in at Number 71 in this week's UK albums chart!
    > Hi there pop-pickers - "Wire" is straight in at Number 71 in this week's UK albums chart!

    Is this unusual? That is, have any of the last few albums shown up in the UK charts?
    I'm fairly certain Red Barked Tree charted somewhere, but it might have just been the indie chart.
    Nobrainer, I thought the comparison with Der Mussolini was bonkers but I've just played them back to back and I see where you are coming from. So not so bonkers.
    It would interesting to know how many sales it takes to get to number 71 in the UK album charts. And I assume the sales from Greedbag wouldn't register for that. But the fact Wire are in any kind of chart is good news
    Even better...
    In the physical sales chart Wire are in with a bullet at 46 (so many old-school fans who like hard product, ahem)
    No sign of them on the streaming charts though (backing up the old-school fans theory)
    ...nor the download charts (backing up the old-sch..... you get the drift)
    Hold on! There's an update chart (taking in the latest sales I assume) and Wire sit at number 42. Fuck me! I've gone all giddy

    B rating, but the text suggests an A.
    Well having had the chance to listen to the album a number of times now, it's the first album since Send that I can point to and say 'this is why I love Wire'. Feel a few of the tracks could benefit from a grittier, gutsier production, and Colin's vocals sound to smooth and to the fore on some - but that's just my take and being picky.

    So a triumph, and thanks guys, just wish I'd gone to the Lexington.....:(