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    Liverpool tonight. Can't wait! Be good to see them in a venue with character for a change, rather than the generic O2 Academy.
    Great Gig in Nottingham last and audience seemed to suddenly come into action half way through after a slightly subdued start.....
    Glasgow King Tuts on Monday 27th can't come fast enough. BTW anyone else having issues with Greedbag? I still cant access it through this website..on any device phone, laptop, home PC, work computer. What's the issue? Is it just technophobe me? Bought new album at my local FOPP but would rather have purchased via Greedbag.
    Greedbag's working all right for me, although I need to get them to fix the site nav.
    I tend not to intervene too much on "new album" discussions here because everyone has the right to their opinions and I know opinions shared here are not expressed by people who have listened to the album once & dismissed it. Of course Wire fans are famous in their diversity of opinions but I must say I'm heartened by the positive responses to the new album. I've done no research to back this up but I think this might be the best received new album since this forum was set up??
    My list or lp's has been in my profile for some time & I can guarantee that it won't match anyone else's! hahahah!!
    Just played the new album for the umpteenth time since getting it. Cranked the stereo up. Neighbours are out and I have this to say:
    There...its out...I said it.
    Two bands in two days, both in lovely Yorkshire towns, and both bands from the same vintage. The similarity ends there.
    Thursday The Damned in my home town of Holmfirth, cabaret and nostalgia, not playing a song written in the last 35 years. On Friday, Wire at Hebden Bridge, focusing on their new songs, with older sounds such as Drill stripped down and reinvented. The Damned, though, were great fun and seemed to be really enjoying themselves, Wire, difficult to tell, and almost no interaction with the audience which was a little muted. It is Wire that I'll return to though.
    The new songs sound great live, Split Your Ends a surprising highlight; Sleepwalking drones on a bit though, but overall, impressive.
    Can we have lyrics in the CD Sleeve next time. I mumur-a-long! ;)
    Any chance of outing some HD audio on any of the Wire studio canon?
    Love Blogging & Harpooned, personally its a little samey in parts, ratchet up the experimentation....oh & its touching to hear some of the older (unheard for years) songs in the 2015 set.
    Thank you & much respect.
    It's official Wire are prog!
    Great review on new album in latest Prog magazine. The one with Camels Snow Goose on front.
    (Also great free poster/tribute to Daevid Allen and article on Canterbury scene)
    The 'Wire' album gets a 7/10 review in the new issue of Uncut. I got the impression the reviewer only listened to it a couple of time and therefore hadn't grasped the 'feel' of the record. Joust & Jostle is on the free CD within.
    'Uncut' is such a rubbish magazine, I feel almost physically sick when I see the front cover of any issue in the newsagents;praising 'rock n country stars' from the past and hardly ever any mention of new young bands trying to break through, unless of course they are American and cite Gram Parsons as an influence, the reviewer probably did only listen to half of it, that's his or her loss
    1231742: It's not the same as sleeve notes, I know, but I take it you're aware this site has all the Wire texts? I guess you can always make your own insert! (The page for the latest album is here.)
    Craig Grannell: I'm a happy bunny, thanks
    For the trip to Hebden Bridge I took along a friend from my days living in nearby Halifax.

    I had not been to the Trades Club before – nice upstairs venue holding around 150-200, staff seemed friendly enough, nice to have a bitter with a head on it! The audience consisted of the usual middle aged blokes, some of Hebden Bridge’s famed aged hippies and a sprinkling of art-indie-rock youngsters.

    Wire mixed up the set compared to London – it was good to hear “Silk Skin Paws” and “Mekon Headman” again. It sounded pretty good apart the vocals not quite being right in the mix until late in the set. I was thinking after a few tracks – “that is not very Wire having flashing disco lights in time to the track – it looks like cabaret, is that ironic?”. Graham put a stop to it with a stern request.

    I found the audience reasonably enthused rather than mute. Same for the band too – Graham seems happy to chat with the smokers outside, a bloke on the train platform back said he had a chat over a pint with Colin post-gig but he wasn't sure he had convinced him that DRILL: HEBDEN could happen in future.

    My friend who knows next to nothing of Wire said he had been pleasantly surprised how much he had enjoyed it.

    That's my tour over - how I wish I was rich enough to follow it around the US.
    Hats off to you Mr Objects! You've certainly done your bit on this tour. Meanwhile I'm waiting for the snow to go off before I head into Glasgow for the King Tuts gig
    It's a bit late in the day to file my Wire report from King Tut's. I will return in a few hours to offer up my thoughts on what was possibly the finest Wire gig I've been to....
    Observations and revelations from Wire live at King Tuts, Glasgow (April 27, 2015)

    1. Big turnout and most of the crowd were present for support band Pins, who were pretty impressive.
    2. Managed a quick chat with Matt at the merch stall (I bought a t-shirt from him). Lovely guy: said he felt right at home in the band now and was enjoying the tour.
    3. I then spoke to Colin (kept it brief...I'm not a weird stalker ...ok?!). He was effusive in his praise of Matt's contribution to the band's output. He also said he was still to find the definitive 'Wire sound' after all this time. Also, there's nothing written in advance of the 40th anniversary in 2017.
    4. Wire were on ridiculously good form when they took to the stage. The group I was with (all of whom had lost touch with the band in recent years) didn't expect them to sound so tight!
    5. They blitzed through the whole of the new album (although I wasn't counting, so one may have slipped through the net) ending with an ear-shattering Harpooned.
    6. The set was also peppered with classics: Silk Skin Paws, Drill, Mekon Headman, Stealth Of A Stork, Blessed State. The encore included Brazil, Adore Your Island and Used To (I wasn't expecting this Chairs Missing great, but it was brilliant in a live context and made for a fitting finale).
    7. Graham was getting a wonderful growl from his bass, which unfortunately died during the second half of Octopus (I think). His velvet voice was also in good form. He felt compelled to mention the snow that fell on Glasgow earlier in the day. Trust me..that's not the norm. We've had a mini heat wave in recent weeks (wait, that's not the norm either).
    8. Colin was also in good voice. He had three guitars on stage including a 12 string affair so had a lot of changes between songs. His performance on Harpooned was exceptional.
    9. 'Quiet man' Matt just made a lot of weird and wonderful noises in the corner, giving the songs a lot of additional colour. Colin's right...Matt is crucial to the Wire sound of today.
    10. And what can be said of Robert? Coolest drummer in rock? Nah! He's the coolest Man on the friggin planet!

    Respect. Come back to Scotland soon
    stephenhope… sound amazing! I'm going to be seeing them in cambridge boston june 2 and it would be a dreeeeaaaammmm to hear silk skin paws. i hope they stick with that just a little longer! i bet it sounds so dreamy with their new style. Mmmmm
    Interview later today on BBC Radio 6 Radcliffe & Maconie -