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    The encore included Brazil, Adore Your Island and Used To (I wasn't expecting this Chairs Missing great, but it was brilliant in a live context and made for a fitting finale).

    Agreed stephenhope. Never expected this. Actually enjoyed the support band Pins.
    Was it three songs in the encore, Stef? I couldn't quite remember the day after! But hearing Used To on Monday was like meeting up with an old friend after a long time and finding that they were in robust health. One of Wire's hidden gems.
    Three songs in the encore at Tut's as Stef said, & confirmed from Graham's set list which I managed to obtain at the end of the night. Really enjoyed seeing the band there again.
    Nice momento
    wow, Used To :O what a surprise!! feeling jealous......
    Used To, Blessed State and Brazil were the unexpected ones at Drill Lexington.
    Rummaging around YouTube and found this: • Interesting to compare relatively early versions of these tracks with what ended up on the album.
    Just back from Manchester. Pins were ace, I'm already a fan and they're a good fit for a Wire gig and they played a cracking set and I think they won a few more fans tonight which is what it's all about.
    Seemed to be pretty much a full house although comfortable enough to move around (and move out of the way of John Robb's mini-mohican hairdo which was blocking my view).
    I've been to a lot of Wire gigs since I first started watching the band at in 2000 and this has to be in my top 5. The sound mix I thought was spot on, but also VERY loud - almost My Bloody Valentine levels - such that any audience chatter was wiped out and you could immerse yourself in it but vocals and individual parts all clear and present. The new album stuff sounded fantastic and great to hear the songs I've been living with for a couple of weeks come to life at full whack. As a seasoned Wire watcher it's a delight to hear Blessed State and Used To which I've never heard them play before but the whole set was a joy and there were moments where I had to remind myself that Wire have been around since the late 1970s..they sound utterly fresh.

    There was a moment when they were doing Harpooned, when it gets to it's peak and Colin's vocals get amped up over the guitar fx where they just smashed it and if there were any casual fans/innocent bystanders in the room or people expecting 12XU they'd have hopefully realised - they mean it maaan!
    Great gig in Bristol last night and the last of the UK shows. Bit of a surprise that nothing from the new album was played at all. Instead we were all treated to a mix of tracks from The First Letter & Manscape. All sounded real good, especially the long guitar thrash of Children of Groceries and Footsi-Footsi. The mixed up Small Black Reptile/Slow and so it grows, didnt work for me, just as the mixed up Kidney Bingos/ Ear drum buzz always got on my nerves at the shows years ago. Hey Ho, thats only my opinion though and many others loved it. All in all pretty dam good. RG drumming was, as always completely nailed on, CN was on form, chatting and chittering any old malarky to any one who would listen. The new long haired fella, Matt must be eating out with GL and eating horse sized meals as he's getting positively pear shaped. Not a bad thing, mind.

    The parallel universe of Horatio made me laugh. I'd love to hear a rebooted version of So And Slow though
    Why, thank you Steven.

    This new album continues to grow on me. One thing I really like it about it is that it focuses on the quality of Wire's song writing. I think Colin's pop sensibility is a pretty under rated aspect of the band and this album really showcases that he can be quite a sophisticated song writer who comes up with very interesting melodies. In an alternate universe I can see "Burning Bridges" as a Beatles song.
    The fact Colin can write such brilliant melodies in just a matter of minutes with the text in front of him is truly astonishing. Freakish even!
    Is Colin's 'pop sensibility' under-rated? I know it might not be (ahem) 'cool', but I'm keen to confess to being a massive sucker for Wire's melodies - whoever wrote them. For me, it's probably their most compelling feature, allied as they are to intelligent, evocative lyrics / texts.
    Still heavy in my rotation many months later. This is a true classic Wire album. These songs are built to last.