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    Very Cool Gig !

    But why not write July 4th? For most of us this is not an/the Independance Day.

    Friend of mine - dips in and out of Wire, couldn't describe him as a fan, but is a voracious gig-goer and always enjoys them - went to this on Saturday. He tells me that Bruce came on 2nd and did a relatively short set, but that the evening's star turn was Klara Lewis who came on last and was on for about an hour. One comment he made was that it was - in places - reminiscent of Pan Sonic (who he and I saw together a few years ago in Gateshead) at their most brutal, which from him is very high praise indeed
    I was there. Bruce's set was a 16 minute single improvised piece - kind of mixed between drone and aggressive electronica - which he ended with a simple "That's It". Klara played for just over 40 minutes - combining material from her "Ett" album and "Msuic" EP with some unreleased material - playng while some very effective visuals were being projected behind her. She returned to the venue of her very first performance (during the first Drill festival). I've now seen her at all three shows she played in London (the second was at Birthdays in Stoke Newington last October) and there have been definite leaps in confidence and presentation with each performance. Her set on Saturday was astounding.
    Bruce is back at Cafe OTO in London tomorrow night as part of Russell Haswell's three day residency

    £12 on the door
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 8th 2015)
    Bruce's set last night was top quality, bending, weaving sound and on two or three occasions the sound of equipment malfunctions, like plugs coming loose from the circuitry. I thought this sounded magnificent, deliberate, but Bruce modestly said afterwards they were mistakes.
    It was a great evening.