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    Unfortunately the vinyl for the upcoming WIRE release will be delayed due to reasons entirely beyond our control. As you may know this coming Saturday 18th April will be Record Store Day and while Wire wholeheartedly endorse RSD the knock on effect of the sheer volume of releases being manufactured for it versus the dwindling supply of places where you can get vinyl reliably made makes manufacturing vinyl to any timescale we can work to pretty nigh impossible.

    I'd like to add the importance of the word "reliably" in the last sentence because I'm sure many will remember the horror story of the Red Barked Tree vinyl. I'd rather be late and get shouted at by you lot than deliver faulty goods on time!
    Thanks for keeping us informed. I was one of the "victims" of the RBT vinyl fiasco. Rather wait a bit longer than go through that again!
    I presumed as much...although I'm "old school " and don't buy much vinyl , so picked up the CD today and that'll do for me.

    I applaud Record Store Day but the quality control is severely lacking this year. Do we really need to repress all the early Pulp albums and singles on differnt coloured discs and repress several Bruce Springsteen albums which you can easily pick up second hand?
    also given that the record labels (major and minor) are constantly bigging up Vinyl and shifting it in increasing volumes perhaps they should invest in a new pressing plant and create some jobs for people.
    WIRE are not alone in having their vinyl product delayed. Many items that were meant to be available for RSD are not going to be ready, simply due to the lack of pressing plants.
    There are far too many releases @stefm2 - I've been doing some admin stuff for my friends small record shop this year to and I think we've taken less than 1/5th of the releases and even much bigger stores only stocking 1/3rd of what's on wiser man than I once said "nay quality control"
    Cargo are telling us 1st week May for delivery.

    Don't know if anyone cares about these things but the album would have made the top 40 had we had vinyl at release time....
    RSD - sounds like an injury, doesn't it ? Well, it's been quite injurious to the very thing it was supposed to help in the first place...
    Would have been good to have seen the album in the Top 40. As long as I get my vinyl this side of Christmas then I'll be happy! Pesky RSD!!
    So what was the peak position of the record? The charts are odd in the way they're listed. Wire's got a peak position of 71, but for 15–21 is listed at 42.
    We were 42 on the midweek but dropped to an end week position of 71. With vinyl we we would have mid-weeked top 30.

    To be honest when we are working on an album, having the vinyl ready so we can get a prominent chart position is not uppermost in our minds! However if we do manage to get an album together to coincide with our 40th birthday it will also have to be an April release - we count 1st April 1977 as our "official" birth date, 1st gig without George Gill - in which case we'd have to have it ready at the end of next year to have everything ready and beat the RSD rush....
    It's a target worth aiming for. You clearly have new tunes pouring out of you!
    I've helped out at the last couple of RSD's at my friends Record Shop and I've seen from the inside how chaotic it gets. I think the labels, major and minor, need to get their shit together and make sure that it doesn't impact on releases either side of RSD.
    I must admit the release of 'Wire' so close to RSD raised my eyebrows but in some ways it's a good idea because even though it wasn't a RSD special releae, it means Wire have a new record out at a time when people are being encouraged to go and buy records,