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    just noticed post everything is now a post mail order retail outlet. this has been attributed to the business losing money at a rate of knots.
    consequently the only buy link that seems active on pinkflag is the one for "object 47".
    now what for the endless opportunities that are wire music and merchandise onlinewise.
    now that's a shame! i didn't like much of what was on the PE site, but that's not the point. any1 person/company that pushes the weird & wonderful & far from mainstream is GREAT in my book! let's hope somat comes along to take their place!
    I agree, it is a real shame. I used to regularly listen in on the PE radio player & it had more good music on it than bad. For a single site radio player it was one of the most varied & interesting. Certainly a lot more interestlng than all that post-punk retro nonsense on BBC 6 music.

    Downloaded the 1st Silo album the other day, & was gonna purchase more stuff over the next couple of days. Too late now though i guess.
    This is a terrible shame - what a wonderful outlet PE was. They can't be blamed for closing if they were losing money so badly, but they'll be very sadly missed. Just hope that the planned new service will be close to as good.
    That's a real shame. It was mainly Swim stuff I bought from there, so sorry to hear about this.
    That's really disappointing. I think I bought everything that swim~ released
    through PostEverything -not because I loved everything they put out, but
    because I liked the bulk of it and wanted to support them. With a lot of
    independent artists, I end up buying two copies of new releases since it's
    like investing in your favorite artist. I still listen to that 1st Silo pretty regularly...

    Silo's CDs are both excellent and utterly worth buying. Here's hoping Swim~ MO finds a home elsewhere.
    Great name as well! I hope they bounce back.

    Its a damn shame to see a small distributor struggling while Universal, Sony & EMI gear themselves up for a new era where the music "business" is all about Corporate Sponsorship, Movie/Advertising rights/Starbucks soundtrack etc...i.e all Commerce. No Art.
    May I add my commiserations. Lots of interesting items purchased through Posteverything over the years. I was particularly pleased to be able to obtain Cluster and Eno stuff recently. Scanner too. RIP!
    Alas, more bad news on a similar topic... It appears that Sister Ray in London have gone into administration;
    Frankly, I'm not surprised. They took over the old Selectadisc shop a while back, which is about four times the size of the original Sister Ray shop down the road. So the overheads have gone up at a time when the margins are being squeezed.

    And instead of keeping the stock layout like in the old shop, which was realy nice and user-friendly, they simply maintained the confusing, genre-obsessed Selectadisc system. I was in there last week. Didn't buy anything.

    Presumably Selectadisc sold out because the business wasn't working. The opportunity for SR to have a bigger and more impressive shop got in the way of common sense and hard business reality by the sound of things. Like Fopp in Microcosm.

    another one bites the dust! always good for new 'alt' lp's. looks like we're being forced into HMV & Amazon!!! The other record stores along Brewer Street are all 2nd hand stores. anybody know of another decent 'alt' store in W1?
    Rough Trade

    The market is very very tough, but I do believe some of the more organised indie shops will survive and a lot of the 2nd hand shops should be able to ride it out since they are increasingly dealing in valuable antiques which can only increase in value if the trend for lazily downloading everything for free means many records may never see a re-issue.

    I don't think young people think its "uncool to pay for music" as the guy from SR says. I think they think its cheaper not to!.
    However, the cooler 'kids' still have a craving for the black plastic stuff, Vinyl sales are propping up indie shops as far as I can see. and its singles singles singles all the way and lots of obscure stuff that you'll struggle to find on Soulseek etc.

    Vinyl Exchange in MCR has closed its 2nd CD-only shop, but pop into the vinyl dept on Oldham St on a Saturday Afternoon and its buzzing.
    50 quid bloke wants his vinyl re-issues too, and a lot of you..young & old seem to want Object 47 on vinyl. Theres a market there.
    and there are still people like me buying CDs especially when they are cheaper than legal downloads (as increasingly they are).
    Sorry, forgot they'd shut Neal's Yard when they moved to Brick Lane to cater for Nathan Barley and his chums.

    I tend to buy most stuff from Music & Video Exchange in Notting Hill, which is DEFINITELY cheaper than downloads. Now if that went bust, I'd go into mourning!

    I like the Camden one more but since I live in Birmingham, I go to the Birmingham one a lot