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    How about best album in the Legal Bootleg series? I'd vote for Notre Dame, 19th July 1979, or Recycling Sherwood Forrest? mean Fiddler 1991 is astonishing also, and the Scottish Play, while not in this series, is a great live album.
    Astoria ’88 for me. I really like the first two of those you mentioned, Sherwood Forest being a fab mash-up of live and studio, but Astoria provides a real insight into how Bell could have sounded with less intrusive production.
    Either Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, 2000, with "Zoom" and the cracking one-two punch encores of "Pink Flag" and "Drill," or Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, 2002, with an early version of "Mr. Marx's Table." Like Craig, I love the 80s boots for showing what could have been with the Mute albums, but those early 00 shows are hornet stings.
    "final thought- i have never met a true die hard wire fan in my life. i am going off to art college next year and one of my hopes is to meet one! i would melt!"

    I'm one- the "Australian" Wire fan with 170 Wire artifacts and an email address "ozwire" to this very day!!! If you get to an oz art college give me a call.

    And Colin: "Are we, in his and your opinion just deluded old gits who don't know how rubbish our new material is??':

    Thought this link may fit into this discussion. Jim Bob from those early 90's indie darlings Carter USM turns out to have good taste in music after all. Carter did cover a Wire track as a b-side but can' t remember which one it was?
    They covered Mannequin on Do Re Me, So Far So Good.
    OZWIRE: Im going to boston hahaha :/ too bad.
    Here is the Wire LP(sic) I have been liking a great deal lately:

    Wire - The Lost LP
    Singles, Demos and Rehearsals
    1979 - 1980
    79:27 minutes total

    1. Question of Degree (Single Version) 3:12
    2. Our Swimmer (Single Version) 3:30
    3. Midnight Bahnhof Café (Single Version) 4:31
    4. Ally In Exile (Original Demo) 4:30
    5. Remove For Improvement (Rehearsal Recording) 2:03
    6. Over My Head (Rehearsal Recording) 4:06
    7. Lorries (Notre Dame Hall) 4:13
    8. Inventory (Electric Ballroom) 2:55
    9. Safe (Notre Dame Hall) 1:42
    10. Underwater Experiences (Notre Dame Hall) 2:32
    11. Second Length (Our Swimmer) (EP Version) 2:49
    12. Go Ahead (Bonus EP Version) 3:59
    13. Former Airline (Single Version) 3:21
    14. Part Of Our History...Emerges (Rehearsal Recording) 14:35
    15. Go Ahead (Rehearsal Recording) 5:56
    16. Crazy About Love (John Peel Session) 15:26
    ...and BTW, I think Wire is currently on a great roll. My commute to work is exactly the length of the new LP, "Wire" and upon release it remained the only disc in my vehicle for a full two weeks or more...

    Cheers, Cyrus
    I'm a slow learner. I've finally clicked with Red Barked Tree - possibly through listening to The Black Session live album - things take time with me.

    But, can't understand the lack of love for IBTABA. I absolutely love the sound space, its sweeping, patient, and sounds low-fi, though it clearly isn't. It happily lacks all the bit of production from ABIAC which for me just doesn't work. It's not jolly, it doesn't judge.