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    Yeah, quite—and FWIW I'm speaking from experience, too, having been in the mag industry for 15 years now. I'm fortunate to mostly write about consumer tech, and the rates there are still OK. But it can't be fun when you're thrown hardly anything to write a supposedly authoritative take on a two-hour movie or a new album.
    Swallow for me. The guitar grove is special and the rest is typical, top of their game Wire.

    I agree. I think swallow is, and will be for a while one of my fav wire songs
    Hard to say what my favourite is. "Swallow" was the immediate choice for me, with "Harpooned" and "Octopus" coming up very close. But "Blogging" and "In Manchester" have since captured my imagination more. What makes it so tough is that there's a consistency there comparable to their other great albums—CM, 154, Send, and CBU—where, as others have mentioned, it does seem the whole outweighs particular cuts. Even if "In Manchester" and "Harpooned" are at opposite ends—pop versus noise—their presence on the same album isn't jarring at all, but a sensible meshing of Wire's contradictory sensibilities. I really do marvel that after almost forty years, they've released three albums that sit so damned well with their initial, legendary discs. I don't think that that accomplishment can be emphasized enough because it's so unlikely.
    I've played the last three albums to death over recent years (the new one at least 25 times since I bought it on release day). That's testament to how I feel about RBT, CBU and W.
    Name another band – so-called veteran or contemporary – to have produced material of such stunning quality over the last 4-5 years. I certainly can't think of one.
    Oh stephenhope, I agree. I have been playing this new album everyday usually more than once, and it still brings be great joy with each listen
    Best song on the album is Burning Bridges, but also partial to High and Split Your Ends. A return to Wire Play Perfect Pop. Great melodies, crisp, succinct. Less fond of the lengthier tracks, but in the context of the album they add balance.
    I look forward to Strays v2 in 2016, and the 40th anniversary album in 2017.
    I would like to hear a "dirtier" version of Split Your Ends. Live this song just took off, highlighting the relatively restrained production on the album.
    Final addition to my wish list: the release of the last three Riley sessions..