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    Outside of the music, I’ve not bought any Wire merchandise since the enamel PF badges – I don’t wear t-shirts these days or hanker after a tote bag! What I’d like to see are black polo shirts with, say, the PF logo on the breast with, maybe, WIRE across one sleeve/rear of collar. Other Wire-centric logo’s (not text) as well. I have seen online ‘jumpers’ (sold out) with the 154 lp cover all over it! I’d love to have that on a polo – black or white background!

    Also, the enamel badges with various designs (as opposed to ‘texts’) the refer to each lp.

    Just a suggestion. I do like a logo/lp reference (rather than words), as most people won’t have a clue as to what it is! The amount of people that ask me if I’m gay simply cos of the enamel PF badge – hilarious! Anyone else have ideas that the band might contemplate with their 40th coming up?

    Bit of a lame discussion admittedly, but interests me!
    You know what i would buy over and over? the ear shirt! the ear shirt from eardrum buzz! i was watching that vid. again after not seeing it for a while and all i could think was "i need that shirt!" they should bring that back. also i agree, wire merch nowadays is not too great, unless colin wears it! then it just looks hilarious. step it up guys!
    Not quite the ear shirt, but there is this:

    For merchandise, I'd be interested in album and gig promo posters.
    It's just not something I would wear. But thanks for the find
    Liked the Wire posters on this tour, and while I agree with garage band, the current t shirt looks good, but should not be worn by anyone over 40. I like the idea of a polo t shirt with the pink flag logo. Sadly, I am of an age where a Wire mug appeals. Rock and roll, eh?
    actually we were talking in the van about wire mugs :)
    Unfortunately for me, I live in Baltimore where the famed TV series with virtually the same name as the band (The Wire) is well-known. When I wear merchandise with the word Wire on it, I routinely hear: I liked that show too! So when I wear Wire merchandise, I feel as if I am promoting a TV show versus the band.

    Speaking with Graham and Colin the last time they came to D.C. in 2013, they stated they do not play Baltimore because they are afraid of it (based on the fact that they are/were both avid The Wire fans). I thought this year, I could explain to them that Baltimore is not really the way it was depicted on TV; that it only relates to a certain neighborhood, where indeed the unrest recently occurred. However, now I doubt I will be able to talk them into coming to Baltimore in 2017 (assuming there will be another tour based on their odd-year activeness).
    actually we were talking in the van about wire mugs :)

    That Wire lot are a right bunch o' mugs..

    Boom boom !

    I'll get me coat.
    I'd happily buy a Wire merchandise table.

    Chairs Missing...get it..boom boom. I'll get me coat too
    Being a primary school teacher, I hear about some very strange things that the children in my class do when besotted with a favourite band. One girl has got a life-size cardboard cut-out of one of the members of One Direction (as I believe they're called) in her bedroom.

    Anyone up for a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Graham for their lounge?

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree here..?!!!
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - mark'em
    I'm 47 and I don't see anything wrong with wearing a Wire t-shirt. It's dependent on the vintage of the band. If it's a band 20 years your junior then a t-shirt is not advisable. But a polo shirt with the pink flag logo sounds like the sort of thing David Cameron would wear to advertise his art rock 'credentials'!
    Harsh words, Mr. Hope, and factually incorrect. Our beloved leader has taken to the rolled up sleeve look, when not sleeping in his West Ham shirt.
    Ha! Nice one, Stevie! I'm partial to a polo shirt myself (only in dark blue, strangely). Just trying to stir things up in humorous kind of way. The mug gets a thumbs up from me too.
    Personally, I can't wait till the cushions come back in stock!
    If I was to buy a wire mug I'd make sure the wire was tightly bound - I wouldn't want my cuppa leaking all over my trousers.

    British Sea Power and The Fall both have a huge selection of mugs for sale.
    Wire bobblehead dolls. You'd make a mint.

    Captain Sensible knows what's up:
    Obviously look into the viability of making a drill, produce a big drill, a small drill, a good drill, yeah that's it, just make a drill.
    I have and enjoy the CBU tee shirt from the tour previous to this one.
    Wish I had picked up the tee with the "||| WIRE |||" logo, circa 2002/03.
    I agree that some of the merch logos are kinda blah.
    Bring on the mugs please!!!
    Here follows some ideas I'd love to see realised...