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     photo Send 2_zpsranqtwq9.jpg
    That's even more powerful. Original image attained when Dave Coppenhall accidentally scanned his finger.
    I prefer the Send with the text. In fact I prefer text with all the T-shirts. I think it has to say WIRE to put it in proper context.

    Either way all nicely done, Fergus. How about one sans image just lyrics/ text?
    Love the Document and Eye Witness one!
    Has anyone else had the pleasure of wearing their Change Becomes Us t-shirt to a meditation/relaxation group session?
    I've had lots of people saying things like "Wow, really positive message" to which I take great pleasure in saying "It's an album by Wire, my favourite band, and nothin' to do with self-help" :-)
    I might be tempted to wear the Send without Wire, the Blue Read & Burn and the D&E T's.
    Fergus, I am ready to place my order!
    I will also take a Send mug please. :)
    Two more ideas, quickly and scrappily done, as it would take me hours to get this right, but you get the idea. Apologies to Dave Dragon.

     photo 154 w_zpsir9lus5i.jpg
    154 black photo 154 b_zpswkuqlyra.jpg
    Colin responded to the merch ideas when I posted them to Facebook, so for those not on FB:

    So far we didn't find anyone (besides Snappy Snaps) who can print photographic images onto t-shirts. People who make t-shirts for us only do screen printing. If you print multiple colours registration can become a problem. It's ok for one offs but if someone is doing a couple of hundred the chances of having them all correctly registered becomes reduced. Then you can't sell the ones that don't work out and you need to charge more. There are potentially loads of great t-shirt possibilities for us and we'd love to find a way! But obviously bottom line is that we have to make an affordable product.
    There's this place
    They print t shirts to order for no outlay and pay back 25% on anything they sell. This isn't a solution for Wire's merch table but could be to offer official bootleg tees for online sale. They don't do polo shirts though!
    I wish we could find someone that could just do photographic prints on t-shirts! If anyone knows somewhere please let us know!
    Colin, you should contact XTC's Andy Partridge (you may have had previous dealings with him, who knows?!)

    His Ape House website via Burning Shed has XTC t-shirts aplenty. He can be tweeted @xtcfans.

    XTC merchandise is at:
    Or maybe Vic Godard - he is regularly on facebook and twitter if you want to contact him - this is a tiny selection of what they do have available.....
    There is also something called DTG printing ( digital to garment printing) that uses modified inkjet inks to print on fabric. I guess the cost depends on the size, complexity of design, and amount of t-shirts/ garments ordered.
    From what I can see it can be done but realistically we are talking short run for the pinkflag greedbag store not tour merch. It's fine. Maybe a project for later in the year.
    Nice one 'hq'! Enamel badges, too!?!??!?!?
    I love the idea of Colin contacting Andy Partridge from XTC to ask him where he gets his T-shirts done.
    Yeah I know! "How's it going Andy.....blah blah blah (all sorts of music chat), about the t-shirts..."

    Seriously he should do it, the folk who do the XTC t-shirts know their stuff. Good quality merchandise, reasonably priced for the punter and can handle years of washing!
    Final word on all this: I recently saw some designer socks for sale in a style called 'pink dash'...

    I was quite tempted.