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    Just a small piece from an article about the band Gryphon in this months "Record Collector" magazine. David Oberle
    the back up Vocalist on Mannequin :

    David Oberle did a vocal session on WIRE's Pink Flag album of 1977 courtesy of Mike Thorne - "It's now apparently one of the most influential albums of the period, which I'm very chuffed about, though at the time it was very much a case of, 'What am I doing here?'
    PM'd you stefm2
    Yeah, Mike didn't think I was a good enough singer to do the oohs on Mannequin..
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeApr 30th 2015)
    This has a connection with Touch, because Brian Gulland, who was in Gryphon, contributed a great track to 'Meridians' - "Pillow Over", 1984, with Frank Ricotti... It's well worth seeking out
    So strange! I literally just got done listening to "Mannequin" before logging onto this board and I found myself wondering about those background vocals.

    I don't think Pink Flag gets enough credit for being an excellent pop record an in addition to being a highly influential punk record.