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    having in my collection the DVD/CD digipax of On The Box, The Scottish Play & Document & Eyewitness, is there out there a DVD of Wire (Mk2) in late 80's/early 90's doing a set consisting predominantly trax from Copy, Bell & Manscape? Any plans to release one in the near future? I have IBTABA, but it'd be nice to have a live dvd of it as well.
    A live DVD of IBTABA wouldn't really be possible since there was a lot of post-performance studio production done to the tracks. But I definitely agree that a Wire Mk II Live DVD is in order. They were just as much of a powerhouse live band then as they were at any period in their career.
    What about a gig from Object 47 tour?? Or a selection of songs from different gigs on the tour??
    "What about a gig from Object 47 tour" - bound to be one!