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    99.9's fantastic. I just wish I could remember what the 'quiet' text was before 'only you' towards the end. (I vaguely recall Colin telling me once it was something grabbed from a software licence! No idea what it is now though.)
    I've always seen 99.9 as a close relative to 9/10, they both make impressive introductions to what follows.
    9/10 ? Don't you mean 5/10 ?

    Too Late is wonderful, an old favourite, and great album closer. I think it'd be a great PFO piece, but with the additional guitars only coming in at the end with all those other melodic lines layering up the density of the song. Smaller orchestra though, as you'd only need a few extra guitars, but what a trip to be able to partake in it...
    I was reminded of the greatness of 99.9 as I watched The Scottish Play yesterday for the first time in a while. Colin going all manic with a microphone and a sheet of A4 paper!
    I agree, 99.9 best opening? Practice Makes Perfect....
    Confusingly - I remember at the ICA gig some years back "99.9" was the opener!
    99.9 opener for Tramway (i.e. Scottish Play) too, and Brighton Concorde 2 (2002).
    Brighton Concorde 2 (2002) - It was. And what a night!
    A night to remember indeed, when the copyists targeted the sun-stung pier !
    I think they always opened the live set with 99.9 during that phase. It was on the free 'Live In Chicago' CD that came with merchandise bought on the website at the time and I witnessed it at the aforementioned Tramway and Edinburgh Liquid Rooms when Wire headlined the Tryptich festival in 2004

    Here's Harpooned...courtesy of Marc Riley's best telly show that's not on the telly type show.
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeJun 4th 2015)
    Thanks iron sea

    That was really something to alert.
    "Brighton's Wire"?

    Wow. That live performance was amazing. Thank you for posting.
    RE: Fergus Kelly: "Smaller orchestra though, as you'd only need a few extra guitars, but what a trip to be able to partake in it..."

    Yeah :-) I would dearly love to be one of those auxiliary guitars! Have played along with that outro quite a few times :-)

    Is it too late?, is it too late?, too late, too late, too late, too late, too late, too, too,too,too,too,too, too, too,too,too too tooooooo laaaaaaaateee!

    Thats a lot of too's!

    Too la roo
    It'll be interesting to see what happens with the future of the PFO, but I must admit my first favourite bit was seeing the initial blast right at the start of the track. My wife remarked at Heaven there were a couple of old guys saying how happy they are regarding the volume of the gig. Her response: "I was here for the soundtrack, and you've not heard anything yet." Cue: PFO and the front of the stage gleefully being blasted backwards by that initial chord. (My other favourite bit was the entire rest of it!)
    "Brighton's Wire" ?? Am I right in thinking Colin has upped sticks to Brighton?
    Yep - I remember a while back seeing Malka's pics of their packing boxes on fb.
    Sorry to go back to the origin of this discussion. I don't think it takes much to know a classic. Usually it pierces through habits and expectations. But it's been a little more than 2 months...Harpooned still very much works as a classic song. Very melodic as well, despite the arrangement (try and write on a stave the vocal lines of the "more melodic" pieces in the last album, compare to Harpooned and be surprised). Some "short-time" classics stay for a while and then fade away. Not so Wire's classics... And I suspect Harpooned is one of them.