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    In the recent discussion about the best Wire albums there was a view widely expressed that within O47 plus R&B3 there was a great album. If so, what tracks would be included if the album was to lady approx 45 minutes? Daft question I know, just a bit of "what if" fun.
    My attempt as follows.
    One of Us, Mekon Headman, He Knows, Desert Driving, 23 Years Late, Our Time, Perspex Icon, No warning Given, All Fours
    I'd go for something like: One Of Us / Mekon Headman / Hard Currency / Perspex Icon / Four Long Years / 23 Years Too Late / Our Time / No Warning Given / Desert Diving / All Fours. Playing O47 recently, I ended up being quite fond of a good chunk of it. I still find Circumspect, Patient Flees and Are You Ready? pretty average for Wire, but the rest of it is the core of a decent album.
    Object 47 is 60% excellent and the rest slightly less excellent. But I kinda like Circumspect. Read and Burn 3, meanwhile, is top drawer from start to finish.
    I'd rather mix up everything onto one disc – take the rough with the smooth – and, you never know, the weaker tracks (spaced apart) might be seen in a different light rather than within the tight confines of a nine-track album.
    I love analysing Wire albums!