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    There is another episode up of Marc Riley's occasional TV show which goes out on the BBC iPlayer - Wire play 'Burning Bridges' and 'In Manchester' - fine performances both. It's a good show - point a camera at a band, no frills, Whistle Test style (albeit without Little Feat)
    Yep, decent programme, good performance from Wire. I wonder if Colin's spare unused guitar suggests further material was recorded.

    Monotony seemed an odd proposition. Almost like a band from a dodgy tv drama about a punk-ish band from the late 70s. Much preferred their 2nd track
    Wire's performance sounds so good listening through headphones on the ipad. A tight and accomplished display. Compared to Wire, Monotony looked and sounded ridiculous.
    someone please upload it to youtube or something. Im in the US. and cant view iplayer. its not fun
    Monotony were awful, but I enjoyed Jane Weaver (more so, it turns out, than the album versions). As for Wire, maybe they did a 6 Music session at the same time or something.

    julia: Maybe take a look at something like TunnelBear to get around geolocation restrictions.
    Yeah Monotony's frontman was hard to stomach visually and sonically, but I thought musically the 2nd track sounded ok. The drummer looked like the love child of a young Emo Phillips and Devo's late lamented Alan Myers, but in a good way.
    Monotony reminded me of The Drones and many other 'here to today gone tomorrow' early punk bands that could neither play or sing. They lived up to their name.
    No dissing of The Drones please...
    "Burning Bridges"? Its not a Pink Floyd cover, eh? ;-)
    Here's a clip of Harpooned which wasn't on the show but seems they slip out extra tracks:
    Swimmer - that link is for The Fall
    This is the Wire Harpooned link:
    WOW that Harpooned video...... simply amazing, marvelous. One of the best Wire videos I've watched, ever. Hats off, KILLER performance! :O