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    Tight, ferocious set by Wire in Brooklyn last night. Same set list as Echoplex with the addition of a new song called Wolf Boar which sounded quite different from the new material but was very good nonetheless. Really crisp sound system and excellent playing made all the songs from the latest record sound outstanding. Possibly Colin's vocals were a little bit bury in the mix,
    but for the most part none of the material devolved into, or was overpowered by any noisy bits. To my ears it was loud, it was sprawling, it was intense but not noise rock, not even Harpooned which Colin really gave it has all on vocals. I'm nitpicking a bit
    but I'm not sure Swallow segues perfectly well into Harpooned which maybe needs not such a *delicate* song preceding it. The encore for me was just a bit underwhelming after such a vibrant main set. I understand Wire's desire to constantly explore new ground, but perhaps sometimes theory can outstrip practice. I would have loved to hear something along the line of Reuters, Comet, Spent etc as an encore.

    The most surprising thing about the show was that it was nowhere near a full house. I might be overestimating if I said it was a third full. Beautiful spring night, hipster capital of the world I was expecting a full house. I can't say the audience was comatose but aside from a small group up front they didn't seem really into it- I'm guessing they hadn't heard the new album in full, if at all. At one point Graham said "calm down a bit". So killer show, band sounded really fantastic too bad there wasn't a big crowd to feed off the energy happening on stage. Tonight's show in Manhattan isn't sold out but I'm expecting a much bigger turnout.
    Thanks for the review :-) Sounds like a good gig to me! I hope they're enjoying and exploring the gambling museum...again.
    Anyone know why Canada was skipped on this tour?
    Pittsburgh show was SO GREAT last night. Probably the tightest I've ever seen the band. I feel like the band is in a very good place right now and they are just all business. Just seeing little touches like that extended outro in "Silk Skin Paws" shows that the band has reached a new level of confidence. How many bands can stick around for nearly 40 years and play their entire new album and leave everyone in the audience grinning from ear to ear after the show? It feels like the best Wire material could still be ahead of us.
    I hear ya EricK, what the heck is up with no Canadian dates this time....?? T.O. Montreal and Vancouver are all really close to the we have to wait how many more years ....??? NOT happy!
    The Detroit show was excellent last night. Stood within arms reach of Colin the whole show. (Close enough to reach out and shake his hand afterwards. A little awkward standing eye to eye with someone performing two feet in front of you.) I've seen Wire 5-6 times now and I'd say it was the best show I've seen by them. Even though I wore earplugs my ears are still ringing a bit, which hasn't happened since MBV in the mid 90's. I don't have the set list documented but it was pretty similar to the last few shows. Every single song was a winner and I found myself bouncing along (even with Wolf Boar which I had only heard a couple times). There were a few tiny little glitches (Colin bopped Graham in the nose with the headstock of his guitar when he turned around too fast to say something between songs, and his guitar strap came off during Harpooned) but the lads powered through as the true professionals they are, not missing a beat. Sorry to say the Detroit audience was a little light. Much fewer than the previous tour, which probably means no Detroit stop next time. But that's OK. A for effort, A for result. Dugga, dugga, dugga. Thanks Wire!
    I'm curious to know if "Wolf Boar" is a NEW NEW song (as in hasn't been recorded yet) or if it's one of the leftovers from the sessions for the self-titled album. I think it's great. It's the kind of song you wouldn't expect Wire to make at this juncture but it still sounds like a Wire song.
    There were a few tiny little glitches (Colin bopped Graham in the nose with the headstock of his guitar when he turned around too fast to say something between songs, and his guitar strap came off during Harpooned)

    This has the makings of Kidney Bingos style lyric:

    Headstock bop shock strap slip axe crash.
    Not many reviews, interviews, or publicity in general on this tour. Most surprising, considering how good the new material is. Does Wire not send out press releases? Or are there simply so many bands that young(er) audiences and /or * music writers* don't have the time or inclination to check out new stuff by a group like Wire? Obviously bands like the Stones and the half Who are going to play giant sold out crowds, and bands like the Damned and the Buzzcocks whom I've seen recently (the latter of which is playing a lot new very decent material) have also played to some pretty mental pack houses, but when it comes to this newish version of Wire, nada, or very nearly.

    Good Q & A with Colin who mentions something "big" for the band's 40th anniversary and a new album next spring:
    The clip Freakbag chooses to describe as "Lady Drill" is a 17 minute Drill With the great St Vincent - mighty fine it is too.
    Wire with Nate Wooley and Ken Vandermark. I had a ticket to this show but couldn't attend, chemotherapy got in the way.

    Long introduction mostly about the club and KV, followed by a brief moment of silence for the late Ornette Coleman. Music starts at the 3 minute mark. Sound quality is not so good, but you get the idea.
    Drill Chicago was a genuine blast. Wire had a full page add for the festival in the Reader, plus the Tribune ran a large article and was the "pick of the month". Both Thursday at the Hideout and Friday at Thalia Hall were sell-outs, however a LOT of people missed out on the Fly set. The "no-link" was the giveaway! Saturday saw the Sound Opinions Q&A and 7 song set in the afternoon and then the Metro gig that evening. Played the new album, plus Boiling Boy, Silk Skin Paws and Blessed State, plus Used To for the encore (with both Matt and Graham donning Blackhawks tees, which is pretty cool if you think about it). PFOR was fantastic.
    The highlight for me was #Harpooned. Epic isn't a word I would normally reserve for Wire, but it certainly was/is. Matt has really come into his own with Wire, needless to say he's the fourth leg now, and a wizard at his sonic alchemy. Freshest I've heard Wire ever. Thank you Matt, and thank you Graham, Colin and Robert.
    The second half of that St Vincent Drill is pretty damn epic. Lots of energy in the other videos too. Great to see.
    Great to see Comet and Spent in The Fly vids. Would have love to have heard that as an encore as I mentioned above.

    "The second half of that St Vincent Drill is pretty damn epic" Agreed. That was a pretty fucking badass performance by Annie Clark. You can't fake being that cool. She's a natural.

    Here's the PFO @ the Chicago Metro:
    Always amusing how loud Graham is in that, with his bass versus all the guitars. (Mind you, at the soundcheck at Heaven, he seemed pretty determined to take the roof off with his big E.)
    Anyone know what that first instrumental song The Fly plays is? Some of the musical themes sounded familiar but I couldn't quite place it,
    Very nice shots. Scrolling down through the Wire ones (after the support), four ones down, I was looking at that first shot of Graham and thinking, who the fuck does he remind me of.. then I thought - yes, Richard Burton ! Definitely a bit of an aspect there. Ha ! He'll love that. You could crosshatch Wire with 1984 and instead of dugga dugga dugga, get brother brother brother... (now that reminds me of Diamond Dogs.. vis echoed word 'brother' at the end of Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family).