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    I was fortunate to attend both the pre-show dinner at Gralehaus and the Louisville show at Headliners. My second time seeing the band (the first having been their 2013 show at Clifton Center, Louisville).

    As part of the 3-course meal with beer pairings, I also won 2 additional tickets (passed along to my musician nephew Sean and a friend of his). I was seated with my close friend John—a consummate record collector and listener, a shared pursuit that has driven our friendship since college—his lovely wife, Nicky, and Jorin E., a good friend John and I met on the regional record fair circuit (he’s based in nearby Cincinnati). Jorin took the day off and we went digging for LPs prior to the evening’s events.

    During the first course, Graham came over and wound up spending the duration of it with our table. We quickly cycled through questions about the Louisville gig(s), the plush carpet on stage at Headliners, our immediate surroundings, that Graham’s wife had said in 2014 our Louisville crowd was “lusty.” After which, Jorin began to inquire about Graham’s collaborations with two musician friends of his, Stefan Scott Nelson and Howard James.

    After dinner, I was pleased to take a photo of Jorin and Graham arms crossed scowling with a typical Louisville brick wall behind. Well done. My only question of the evening was “Who usually responds as ‘swimhq’ - Graham pointed in Colin’s direction. There was no organic moment in which I could identify myself to Colin on that score (e.g. that I had posted as ’tkdcoach’ on Pink Flag but no worries as I was content).

    The rest of the band was seated at a large table. I happened to notice that Britt Walford (Slint drummer/guitarist and the co-equal mastermind behind Spiderland, as well as having worked with Breeders, Palace Bros, The For Carnation, and many others) was seated at the main Wire table alongside Guestroom Records’ owners Travis and Lisa. Everyone appeared to have a fine time and to enjoy the Wire-themed meal. A reach that was handled about as gingerly as it should be.

    At Headliners, the place was around 2/3 full and those in attendance were 100% focused. I think we still fit the bill of being “lusty.”

    Out front after the show, Graham signed some stuff for fans, after which he walked over to Jorin and me and said hello again. For the second time, I got to eavesdrop on Jorin’s solid questions.

    For me, the point of such an encounter with an accomplished person is solely to appreciate the work and within limits to express admiration for the artist if it is organic to the situation…nothing to do with celebrity beyond that. It also points a finger back at one in some silent way, as if to say, “that’s very well, now what have you done?” I find that to be quite useful in a way that punches right through to my daily life. In the 2 years since the 2013 show I’ve been on a record collecting rampage and have had occasion to get deeper into Wire’s full catalog on vinyl including solo records by band members. June 10th added perspective and renewed enjoyment to it all.


    Jim a.k.a. tkdcoach

    P.S. See you next time. And perhaps by then, I’ll be in a better position to travel to regional shows such as this weekend’s in Chicago.

    I hadn’t had a chance til this morning to check out any local press on the matter, and came across this well done preview/interview with Colin that appeared in the local weekly: Don’t look back: A Q&A with Wire

    Thanks for sharing but I have to ask..a Wire themed meal? What pray tell was on the menu?
    Silk Skin Prawns? One Two Egg Stew? Jellied Eels Sang Lino? Octopus?
    Was it all washed down with an ideal coffee? Was the restaurant able to cope with all these esteemed people or were there some chairs missing?
    Of course only the finest drops were served with the meal.
    You lot are clueless. It's so obvious the plat du jour was wolf boar even though some thought was given to skinning the rabbit/dressing the skin. Personally for every mouthful I hunger, especially curdled creams with madman's honey. Mind, nothing was left half eaten at Mr Marx's table.
    Frankly, you're all just about spot on.

    Each course had a list of Wire songs and a menu was just as roughly assigned to that as your own suggestions indicate. The Holy Grale/Gralehaus combo restaurant is co-owned by musician Tyler Trotter (Watter, Bonnie Stillwater, The Children), who also owns the Louisville Beer Store.

    And, like I say, it wasn't far off from your guesses. It was a real nice time and in effect not nearly as pretentious as it sounds.