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    When I was really getting into Wire after the RFH show I found the Wireviews site invaluable to help navigate the discography, particularly the solo stuff. I know the Wireviews site is archived but it would be nice if some of the content, particularly the guide to the records, was moved over here and perhaps we could add additional footnotes.

    Fortunately, at the time it was relatively easy to track the various releases down. We seem to moving to streaming music as the default setting for most listeners, and second hand record shops are increasingly becoming sellers of overpriced antiques on Vinyl. It feels to me that some of the more obscure Wire/Solo stuff falls between the cracks - some of it only ever released on the increasigly maligned CD - and missing from streaming services - so I think that the Wireviews knowledge bank ought to be moved here where it can be 'live' rather than frozen in time - maybe it could be revamped as some sort of Wire-o-pedia that we can update so future Wire fans can navigate the various solo releases, WMO releases etc and hopefully track them down or at the very least have the 'sleeve notes' to whatever youtube clips/mp3s they discover.

    Just a thought - (and Craig - as a webmaster of a couple of other sites I'm aware that is easier/cheaper said than done) but wonder what people think.
    I think it's a great idea R Swimmer, I'd love to see that here
    To those who ask a complete Wire discography is available on request. Simply email me and it shall be so
    Got your Discography Kevin including updates. Great source.
    I don't imagine we're going to include a broader discography here, and the site's intentionally free from solo efforts. However, there's nothing to stop people adding further information to Wikipedia articles (or creating a separate Wire wiki, which we could link to from here), and as Kevin's noted above, he's kindly making his ongoing discog free for anyone who wants it. (As for Wireviews, it just fell through the cracks regarding my various personal projects, and I mostly keep it alive for nostalgic reasons. It is always a bit odd getting the domain renewal notice every year though!)
    Speaking of domain renewal notices (as per the above post), I just got this year's through. Does anyone still visit/care about Wireviews? Wondering whether to pull the trigger on another year, basically.
    Well, I for one haven't had the time to read/download everything. Yet!
    I still like having some of that stuff available - going through the 2002 tour diaries from Graham is a fascinating look at source material for 23 Years Too Late, for starters. The interview collection is terrific as well, as is having the WMO newsletter archive available. Some of it (lyrics, discography) is made obsolete by of course, but I do wish there were a way to integrate some of the "leftovers" with if has to die!

    Just noticed the donation button at wireviews - if it lives, I'll happily contribute!
    I visit Wireviews periodically!
    A stay of execution for another year, then. And thanks for the offer, 7jlong. I'd forgotten about the donation button. I think in all Wireviews's time live I literally got one! But I'm certainly not after anyone to pump money into what's an archived site. (Might be different if it was still a going concern.) My main thing was to see if anyone still uses the site to justify its ongoing existence.