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    Mark Perry is the August guest for The Wire's Invisible Jukebox. He's played Blogging and identifies it as Wire. Makes the following comments , showing his true lack of knowledge about Wire:
    "I admire them in a way, but I'm not totally convinced...Graham has done some really interesting solo stuff, as has Colin. I'd like to see that under the Wire umbrella...And Wire have got this one way track as Wire. Why can't they be more interested in what's outside that?"

    What like Document and Eyewitness? Or The Drill album? Or the Drill festivals?
    I'm not totally convinced Mr Perry knows what he's talking about.
    I'd better have a word - I am in his band after all LOL
    What an odd assertion, and one that almost certainly was made without much familiarity with the group's catalogue. There is certainly a Wire sound (tho I could never express it in words) but the consistency has been in varying approaches. It's why I'm usually stumped in coming up with the best intro to the band for newbies. It's a curious thing to make strong and public statements without a firm foundation, but there you have it.
    Well he knows enough about them to know their names and have a working knowledge of their solo stuff. I don't think it's fair to say he doesn't know what he's talking about, he just doesn't particularly like what he's talking about, and I'd guess he's seen and heard enough of Wire to form an opinion about them even if it's not one most of us would share as avid fans.
    I'm sure Lee will put him straight anyway ;)
    Mmmmh Just bought their new Album Opposing Forces, will wait to see if Mark's new Album is one way track when it arrives.
    I can safely say it isn't LOL. Cheers for buying it!
    Loved ATV's early singles and wore out the Image Has Cracked LP. Went off them after Vibing Up the Senile Man as it was too much of a radical departure in style for my then 16 year old ears to take in. I might have to revisit that album and will check out Opposing Forces. It seems to be garnering some good reviews from what I've seen
    We've collectively tried to demonstrate exactly what Alternative TV are and were about - all its idiosyncracies, all it's different styles - there's even a ballad on there! The band are still as much about arty directions as well as no-nonsense punk. People seem to think we've reigned it all together on this one. I hope so.
    Must admit that Vibing Up the Senile Man was a bit of an eye opener for me at the time, and would still make it into my top 10.
    So Lee, do you ever play any "vibing" tracks live?
    The sets vary each time but we've been known to play "Release The Natives", "The Good Missionary" "The Radio Story" - in Brighton in February "Fellow Sufferer" was played for the first time since 1979. There's a track on the new album called "The Visitor" which IMHO wouldn't have been out of place on "Vibing....."
    I wish Vibing would get a CD reissue
    Thanks leefact25....silly prices :(
    Just heard from Mark - there is a 4 CD box set being released by Cherry Red in October - "Viva La Rock 'n' Roll" (not to be confused with the Lost Moment Official Live Bootleg CD a few years back) - its a 4 CD box set with everything that was issued on Deptford Fun City by ATV, Good Missionaries and Mark P between 1977 and 1980.
    Great news leefact25 can delete my downloads of Vibing and Good Missionaries.
    Thanks for the heads up
    Enjoying the new album, and will be at the Camden gig on the 15th. And seeing as it's my birthday I'll be expecting a knockout show, so no pressure leefact25! But seriously, I think the last time I saw ATV may have been that night at the Roundhouse where they were stitched up by Penetration, so really looking forward to this one.

    And if you were to play 'Mirror Boy' I'd be eternally grateful, (sad but true!).
    Thoroughly enjoyed Marc Riley's BBC6 Music session of ATV.
    Thanks a lot! For those who are inerested and who missed it - here's the Beeb's clip featuring the three songs we played live on are and the interviews between Mark and Marc.....

    and the fourth track that was featured on Gideon Coe ("French Girls") - intro to the track at 2:48:55

    We were based in London and relayed back to Marc Riley who was "In Manchester" - my amp was positioned in front of the BBC6Music fridge!
    I'll second the appreciation for all 4 tracks from the 6 music session. They were excellent, particulary French Girls

    Also had a listen to Vibing Up the Senile Man on You Tube. Probably over 30 years since I played it all the way through having sold my copy around 82/83. It's still a difficult listen but I now appreciate where It's coming from a lot more. I here elements of DOME in there a year before DOME 1 was released!