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    A very enjoyable session, looking forward to the album! :-)
    Well must say that Alternative TV put on a great show last Saturday night - just wish it could have been longer, (a one night tour to promote the new album!). The band were incredibly tight, and I look forward to when they play in London again. Though going by the radio session that may be a while. And was that leefact25 watching both the support bands?

    It's a credit that the new material was just as strong as the old - in fact I was sorta hoping that they'd do Opposing Forces again as part of the encore. Can highly recommend if you ever get the chance to see them.
    Thanks for that great review of us! Yes I was watching both support bands - and I appeared on keyboards on the last song of Rude Mechanicals too!
    I also enjoyed the session very much....and thought of an old chum, 'Protag' who once played with ATV.
    I'd love to have met Protag. We played in Brighton a few days after he died. The Astronauts were on the bill too - Mark Astronaut of course was friends with Protag. Mark P dedicated our performance of "The Force Is Blind" to him. What he did for music with Blyth Power, ATV, Zounds etc - music needs more Protags.
    Vibing Up The Senile Man was the first ATV LP I heard (bought 2nd hand for mere pence back in the early '90s) & it's still my favourite. That, Strange Kicks, & Mark's solo Snappy Turns constitute a peerless trilogy of self-questioning post-punk out-there-ness.

    Vibing Up has a lot in common with Document & Eyewitness I think - i.e. a well established punk-era band defying its audience's increasingly narrow expectations by releasing a polarising / alienating experimental masterpiece? After all, I expect Mark was as bored with postcard punks shouting for "Action Time Vision" as Wire were, re: "12XU"? :)
    "How Much Longer" is definitely the one shouted for most these days - I've been in the band for a fair old while and I've only played it three times.
    What about 'You Bastard'? :)
    We play that whenever we can. Here's a version from 2009 - my guitar had a broken string so I'm using Rob Symmons' guitar - yes - that Rob Symmons of the original Subway sect line up!
    So Mark doesn't know what he's talking about??? What, because you don't like what he said?? It's all opinions at the end of the day. No one on here will totally agree with each other about anything, let alone music tastes. It's what makes the world go round. Oh by the way, I don't agree with him either but that's freedom of speech.

    As for ATV, Opposing Forces is the best album they've ever released. Also, the last two London gigs they've played have been some of the best I've witnessed in 40 years of gig going. Like Wire, or a good wine, they've got better with age.
    The cheque's in the post nobrainer LOL! Seriously thanks a million for the album and gig review! If anyone's interested - I believe Mark is on the first episode of "The Story Of Indie" on BBC 3 (or is it 4) tonight.