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    So is anyone here going to the Aldershot gig? If you've never been to the West End Centre (the 'Westy'), the venue is tiny, and so it's going to be very interesting to see Wire in such circumstances. I've only ever seen comedians at the Westy, but Wire should make for a rather more intense experience!

    I found this video of a band playing there. The entire room's the width of the stage. About 200 capacity standing, according to the website, but that'd be… cosy.
    I might go, if i'm in London on that week.
    i like intimate Wire gigs. I've seen them in April at The Prince Albert in Brighton, which i think has a 100 capacity. The room had the width of a small stage. Was good.
    The smallest one was probably during Drill Brighton last year though, when they played a "secret" gig as The Fly. There were probably no more than 50 people in the audience, and i think i knew almost each one of them personally.
    I am coming to the Aldershot gig. Am a massive Wire fan, and live locally, so it seemed rude not to. Plus it amuses me that Wire are playing in such a cultural desert :-)

    Looking forward to it.

    PS Hello, am new here.
    Bit harsh on Aldershot, what with Princes Hall and the Westy! What amuses me is how bloody tiny the Westy is. The last time I saw Wire in such restricted confines was probably the South Street gig in London.
    Well maybe I was a bit harsh on the West End Centre.

    Perhaps it does have a thriving culture....I see Saturday's crochet event there is sold out :-)

    Anyway, looking forward to tonight's gig.
    Well, that was a fun evening. I'd not seen Wire since Heaven, and so it's interesting to see how the band's evolved since then. Matt certainly made his presence felt, the noisy bugger. One new track, which I'd not heard before. A superb Blessed State that towards the end systematically tore down its beauty into a wall of sound that Graham continued to sing the refrain over.

    My wife commented that the Westy somehow seemed to narrow for Wire, and that the noise had no escape. I get what she meant. My ears have yet to recover.
    Aye, that was great. And yes, loud (thankfully I was wearing earplugs).

    Fantastic versions of Mekon Headman and Blessed State.

    Still laughing at "anyone here from Bagshot".
    It was indeed a fantastic Blessed State - highlight of the night. Set not greatly altered from the first night at the Prince Albert in Brighton, if memory serves (which it quite often doesn't).

    I grew up in Farnham, which is next to Aldershot but pretends not to be. Last gig I saw at the Westy was Happy Mondays in 88 or 89. It's a good venue, run by the local authority. For how much longer, I wonder?
    "For how much longer, I wonder?"

    While I've been in Fleet, there have been attempts to kill the Westy, most notably in 2007, presumably because it'd probably make for a nice load of boring flats. But so far the community has always rallied to its cause. I like it a lot. This is the first music gig I've been to there (frankly, I was very surprised when I saw Wire would be playing), but it's great for stand-up. Lots of community art groups meet there, too, so it's handy to have around.