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    Joy to the world - a new HOX album is upon us.
    December 11, dammit!
    Hot diggity damn!
    Anyone know when "Elegiac", his collaboration with Ted Milton, is to be released? I thought it was any day now.
    I think the record with Ted Milton is more or less ready, but I don't think there's plans to release it soon.
    Did Graham ever release studio versions of the set from RFH? (So long ago.)
    This was posted back in January of this year on the Metadrone records website: Elegiac release their first album under the Métadrone Records. This is an English group of Ted Milton, leader Blurt (experimental jazz / art-rock) and Graham Lewis, bassist and voice Wire (punk / post-punk). Multicard artist, poet, musician, artist, Ted published his first poems in the 1960s In 1977, Monty Python calling him a performance in their movie "Jabberwocky". At the end of the 70s, he founded the group Blurt, in which he plays the viola, saxophone. In the 1990s, he devoted himself to the realization of book-objects. Some were exposed at the National Library of France and the British Library. Graham Lewis always plays with his cronies Wire, one of the last groups created during the punk explosion of 1976 to be still active. It allows getaways to work with 11 other teams, including Dome and He Said.
    On first listen - the track sounds a little "Eno-esque". I like it a lot.
    Nothing like a dose of the Hox...I'll get me coat.
    Hi All

    I received my Duke of York through the post. First impression is that GL is on a rich vein of form. The sunny side of last year's quite dark All Over/Under outing.

    Me too. But have a backlog of about 5 new LP's to listen too this weekend. Set aside Sunday for many a spin.
    Sent my HOX vinyl off to Santa for Xmas.

    Is there a download code within the cover for those with the vinyl addition?

    Seem to remember Editions Mego sending an e-mail link to buyers of the vinyl editions, to download Graham's solo albums last year, or I could have just made that up!
    Yes, for All Over and All Under Peter had sent a link to download the files, but this time there is a card with a download code in the LP.
    Been listening to It-ness a fair bit this past week as a refresher. I used to think Catch Supposes was GL's best work outside Wire or Dome, but I've changed my mind. It's an exceptional album and one that'll be tough to top. One more goddamned week …
    I've only just found out about Duke of York. Amazon Prime promise I'll have it tomorrow, and I can't wait.

    Like Craig, I've always wondered if Graham produced a studio recording of his RFH set. There was one piece in particular, and I've no idea what it was, that I loved.

    I must admit some of the solo sections of that concert were, how to put it, er, challenging! I clearly remember one disgruntled audience member yelling 'bring on Michael Clark, you self-indulgent wankers'! And my wife, who is more X-Factor than XU, was similarly enthused until Wire appeared.
    Having now listened to Duke of York several times and decided it's absolutely fantastic, I'm getting to the point where I find myself not wanting to listen to anything except Graham's solo (and collaborators) work. IT-Ness is steadily having the same effect, but I've had Nocturnal Koreans for a couple of weeks and haven't even opened it!

    Is anyone else similarly afflicted?
    @osimabu absolutely, when and before duke of york came out all i could listen to was graham! but dont hesitate w/ NK its absolutely absolute.
    Osimabu - not quite so afflicted but I hear what you're saying. If you've not reached it yet, try Solid Or Vanish from the He Said Omala album Catch Supposes - just brilliant!