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    Godspeed Mr Bowie, from Kether to Malkuth and back again...
    Surprisingly late addition of Bowie thread! I was stunned - lost a legend (much overused term, but it applies here). He has left us with a wonderful piece of art, that, as his untimely death coincided with it's release, has left us all trying to look for all sortsa messages. there may, indeed, be some messages that he left and hinted at for us, but like all good works of art, we all see it from our own perspective! for that we all, well I do, thank him!

    Hopefully there'll be more trax released as he was reportedly working with Visconti the week before he died!
    I hope there won't be more unless they were specifically okayed by Bowie. It would be horrible if some half-done demos were the final release rather than the rather good new album that appeared recently.
    very true, Craig.
    Certainly don't think legend is a much overused term when it comes to David Bowie who was a really unique one of a kind uncommon genius. Not many artists can make a commodity out of being an oddity the way Bowie did. And he did that absolutely brilliantly. Even putting aside his own work the list of other artists he worked with and produced is pretty impressive:
    Annie Lennox, Tina Turner, Cher, Mott the Hoople, Queen, John Lennon……Lou Reed's Transformer for all intents and purposes is a DB record…….Iggy's Lust for Life and the Idiot are essential parts of his Berlin trilogy and this last record, my god, not many artists can make their fucking death into a work of art! I had the pleasure of meeting him several times in lower Manhattan and he seem like a lovely guy. And to top it off he was fucking proper working class. He'd go out to Soho for a cup of coffee and a grilled chicken sandwich!
    "Hopefully there'll be more trax released as he was reportedly working with Visconti the week before he died!"

    Bowie supposedly planned a "long list" of music from every era to be released after his death starting in late 2017. I would imagine he had a ton of "non commercial" stuff along different versions of his old songs. I would love to hear Bowie's idea of *experimental* !
    I had the pleasure of meeting him several times in lower Manhattan and he seem like a lovely guy.

    Lucky man ! What were the circumstances of meeting him - was it mostly chance encounter ?

    Yes, chance encounter at a bakery in NY's Greenwich Village not far from where he lived about 10 years ago. It was quite crowded and I heard someone in front of me say " Do you have something (bread) in a human form? " I was looking away but that voice is of course unmistakable. I was a bit taken aback to be standing next to the Starman himself and uttered the usual fanboy stuff. Bowie was very gracious, warm natural smile. I'd see him, always with his assistant Coco, from time to time in the Chelsea art gallery district. Always in the daytime- I've never seen at any of the opening parties where you see celebrities like John Waters, the filmmaker, or David Byrne or Lou Reed, or Salman Rushdie all the time. Another time at Design Week charity event where he was signing stuff he looked well very Bowie like and to me instantly recognizable which kind of contradicts the above NYT article. The thing is he could live in NYC and not be recognized because, firstly, everybody's getting on with their own life and, secondly, the younger rock music demographic really wouldn't know him from Adam. Thirdly NYC ain't what it used to be. Bowie was a very wealthy man surrounded by a lot of other very wealthy people. The punks, the freaks, the drug addicts, the lowlifes who ruled lower Manhattan 30 years ago are long gone. And of course Bowie wasn't in the public eye hanging out with Lindsay Lohan snorting lines of coke in a club the Meatpacking district. So Bowie was definitely out and about, but I guess if you weren't an older person like myself who was heavily influenced by him as a young kid he just blended in like everybody else.