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    New album????
    Read and Burn 4
    Was rather hoping it would be called Read and Burn 4 myself. Maybe there is some more material in the pipeline for the next installment of the Read and Burn series?
    Whatever its called we'll be buying it, won't we?
    A new Mini LP it says here
    If it's Nocturnal Koreans then so be it and maybe the R&B series belongs in the Send era - R&B3 is a hard act to follow tbh
    Eight tracks. Just under half an hour all-in (hence 'mini' LP, although Ideal Copy only has a few minutes on this new one).
    At the same time as "Wire" material was being debuted live, a track appeared in their live sets that was first called "Flying Dutchman", then it was "Flying Dutch", then it became "Black Watch Pipers". I'm wondering if it is one of the other seven tracks listed with yet another name change.

    "Joust & Jostle" features the line "The Flying Dutchman" but this is not the same track I'm talking about.
    Will it be released on CD?
    Looks like it will - scroll down on Ian B's link - CD format available. Just as well!
    I heard the track on Marc Riley. It sounded similar in tone to the last album.
    For the first time that I can remember I am not excited about the new release. I may be wrong, of course
    Like "Amnesiac" was to "Kid A" in Radiohead's back catalogue, it looks to me like "Nocturnal Koreans" is to "Wire". I remember reading that 19 songs had been recorded at the "Wire" sessions.

    11 on "Wire" plus 8 on "Nocturnal Koreans" - also bearing in mind that the title track of the new album was making its live debut at the same gig as the "Harpooned" debut - Leicester.....
    I agree there's a similarity in tone on the NK track to the Wire album, but I actually think it stands above a good proportion of the material on Wire (I enjoy the album, although I think Sleepwalking gets in the way).

    I rarely get excited by the prospect of new material by most artists these days, Wire (and offshoots) being a rare exception, and was delighted when blind-sided by the news of this release - notwithstanding it had been mooted some time ago in some form or another.

    Seems a little odd that there's nothing on the news page here at pinkflag up to now though.
    "Seems a little odd that there's nothing on the news page here at pinkflag up to now though."

    It's just a lack of time. Colin and I were supposed to sort something on Thursday, but it didn't happen. Next week!
    Review by Wilson Neate here, which tells us that on the album there is apparently a trumpet, a track sung by Graham and a "prog-rock epic"..
    Not a review. From “Having completed…” onwards, it’s the official press release -- albeit slightly modified and screwed up by the zine you’ve linked to.
    That's really interesting- the difference, I guess, between an objective account and a subjective response? Either way, the description makes the product-in-question sound tantalisingly attractive. Well done!