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    'Nocturnal Koreans' was my favourite of 'the newies' on the last tour(s), so I am 'well chuffed' as we say oop nerth :-)
    Good work, Wilson.
    Your words have got me gripped. Roll on release day!
    Love the lyrical nod to Wire's history on the new track Numbered. Heard it on Marc Riley the other night and, if memory serves, we get: "Think of a number...still willing to rhumba." Nice one!
    That bit's as follows:

    You think I'm a dreamer
    I've never really been there
    A presence conjured from thin air
    You think I'm a number
    Still willing to rhumba
    To lay it bare as if I care
    Interesting that "Wolf Boar" is also not included on this release. I wonder if it was written following the sessions for Wire/Nocturnal Koreans.
    Given that Nocturnal Koreans is now officially released, any chance that the lyrics could be posted? Be good to get the words right when in the shower...
    Re-listening to NK over the last few weeks, the appeal just grows. Great sound - rich and layered; typical text that teases; yep - perfect pop once again. Aren't we lucky?
    Indeed, it's an excellent song, I am psyched about the new mini-LP. For my money they've kicked it into a whole other gear lately (the last two albums) so we'll have to enjoy it while it lasts...
    Mark: fair point. I've added the relevant file, so it's accessible from the lyrics chooser on the site's Read page. I'll also post them below:

    I dressed and I showered
    Before I awoke
    I was fit for one purpose
    I was going for broke
    I brushed out my trail
    Concealed my advance
    Changing wheels often
    There’d be no second chance

    Do you think you are able
    Of finding your way?

    Bipolar opps met
    Under sodium lamps
    Five miles out from
    The runaway ramp
    Drug impaired drivers
    Lost in the woods
    Believe sea-burnt nurses
    Never tasted so good!


    Nocturnal Koreans
    Are walking the halls
    They missed their connection
    They’re climbing the walls
    Cracker barrel kids
    And their cracker barrel folks
    Beavis and Butthead...
    Thro’ their cracker barrel jokes!

    Thank you very much Craig - I appreciate that. (Not sure my neighbours will though).
    Possibly by now on the pnkflag home page as you read this but Internal Exile has been posted to soundcloud. It's very good!
    An idle glance absorbs the terror
    The weight of proof brings little pleasure
    The trick's the thing, a cereal measure
    Mao sifts the shit from trash to treasure

    Marching! Marching!
    Primed and armed, a loose projectile
    Force into internal exile

    In apple light, the laptop lackeys
    Soft wear pedlars rake the readies
    Backstab sermons sitting pretty
    Bankrupt, cynics leave the city

    Marching! Marching
    His cupboard bare; his vision hardwired
    Roving tamer; empty larder

    Hearts of gold; no pot to piss in
    Join the queue of future has-beens
    A worker's thirst to be at leisure
    Dissatisfied without measure
    Really loving "Internal Exile" - very excited about the new LP
    Love this new track - Nocturnal Koreans is a bit more immediate but I prefer this one which I feel is a bigger step forward from the feel of the last album - really like the melody and can any drummers identify what you'd call that rhythm?

    BTW Nocturnal Koreans went down very well on BBC6 Music Roundtable last week - here are some pull quotes for Craig/Colin!

    "I love this - I love Colin Newman's voice - he sounds as if he's singing this down a seedy hotel hallway" : Amy Lamé
    "One of the greatest pop songs that's never going to be a hit...absolutely genius" : John Robb
    "It's awesome..I'd like to go and see them live" : Emmy The Great
    Hmmm - the second example of referring to old songs in a lyric? We've had Three Girl Rhumba" in "Numbered" and now "Trash/Treasure" in "Internal Exile" :-)
    The first one sold.....
    Just heard the album for the fifth time. It's a belter. Clocks in at around 26 minutes - mixing the comfortingly familiar with a few surprises. My fave is "Forward Position" - but its fair to say there isn't a duff track on it.
    Just heard Fishes Bones - now THAT'S the kinda Wire i like!!!!!
    Full album streaming on NPR:
    NK is excellent. Fishes Bones particularly stands out - sounds like something from Wir/The First Letter era re-imagined by the 2016 version of Wire. Dead Weight is another highlight - Colin and Graham trading vocals over a sharp, Wire pop tune with a nice 80s Wire callback guitar riff. Internal Exile is my favourite track - liquid Wire!
    Sorry for being the only one who gives bad feedback for NK, but.... first listening was quite disappointing, I thought I just wasn't in the mood for it, so I tried again next day. Same result. I have listened to it too MANY times now, with the hope I finally get it, but still don't like it so much.
    "Nocturnal koreans", "Internal exile", they are ok. Good songs. "Still"... not bad. The rest, sincerely... too bland for Wire. I'm afraid they sound too much like leftovers from the eponymous album, what they really are, I don't think of them as extras from that recording, none of the songs are at the same level of the ones on "Wire". "Fishes bones", I really like Wire with Lewis vocals, but this (one of the songs I was more interested in), was a big disappointment.
    This must be the first time this happens to me with a Wire album!!!
    And sorry Colin, but I find the vocals on this recording (and obviously on "Wire") too artificial, they sound so much like being put through a harmonizer or something. Just hope the next album is better!