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    Who is "Ernest T"? Sorry if this was already addressed somewhere.
    I'll try another one. Anyone have any theories about "The Agfers of Kodack" and what they're on about? Is it a parody of fantasy-adventure type stuff? "The finest of stockings"? Those are some weird lyrics, man...
    Is it about gung-ho war/conflict zone correspondents?
    I recall there being some mention of a football / soccer reference (those stockings), or did I imagine that?
    Interesting, I hadn't thought of the soccer possibility with the "stockings" line. Either way it's kind of weird, "finest of stockings..." the war correspondent idea is suggestive, I never thought of that either.

    Here's another one, from "Attractive Space":

    "Aqua plane in torrent pelt, skid across MacAdam’s belt"

    Any idea what "MacAdam's belt" is referring to? "Aqua plane in torrent pelt" is bad enough, I wouldn't expect anyone to have a clue about that, but "MacAdam" is a proper name (if it's not "macadam") and thus perhaps someone has an idea...
    Tar Macadam. Macadam invented tar for roads. Aqua plane in torrential rain
    I vaguely (and with no degree of certainty) recall Graham, in either interview or publicity material for CBU, discussing updating/revising the text to Underwater Experiences. He describes an incident in which he was driving with his daughter and her boyfriend in really bad rain, and nearly coming a real cropper when the car started aqua-planing at speed - an extremely close call and flip-of-a-coin proximity to a very bad outcome; "Was it a miracle? That's how it felt"
    Ah! That one winds up being rather crackable! "Torrent pelt," for the life of me I did not think of torrential, pelting rain--I had a torrent of furs in mind, which of course would have made no sense whatsoever. But the use of "pelt" as a noun totally threw me.

    The line makes perfect sense now!