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    Is there somewhere on this site where there's information on the albums--composer credits, running times, info about the recording or whatever else? Sorry if it's somewhere obvious and I didn't find it, I just get lyrics mostly clicking on albums. If there isn't something here for this could someone point me toward a place to find it? I was just now looking for information on where/when the tracks on Behind the Curtain were recorded...
    4th May 1977: The Commercial, Mr Suit and Pink Flag

    25th May and 12th August 1977: Reuters, Different To Me, Ex-Lion Tamer, Mannequin, Champs, Start To Move, 106 Beats That, Fragile, Surgeon's Girl and Field Day For The Sundays.

    14th December 1977: Practice Makes Perfect, Oh No Not So, Culture Vultures, It's The Motive, Love Ain't Polite, French Film Blurred, Sand In My Joints, Too Late, I Am The Fly, Heartbeat, Underwater Experiences, Stalemate and I Feel Mysterious Today

    14th April 1978: Dot Dash, French Film Blurred (re-written), Options R, Finistaire (aka Mercy), Marooned, From The Nursery, Indirect Enquiries, Outdoor Miner, Chairs Missing, Being Sucked in Again, Men 2nd, Another Letter (sic) and No Romans

    11th December 1978: 40 Version, Ignorance, No Plea (aka I Should Have Known Better), Blessed State, Touching Display, The 15th, A Mutual Friend, Once Is Enough, The Other Window, Stepping Off Too Quick, Indirect Enquiries, Map Ref, Single K.O., On Returning, A Question Of Degree, Former Airline and Two People In A Room.
    Thanks, Kevin!

    "Finistaire" is actually "Marooned," is it not?

    Is there a site on the internet that has this sort of info? Or composer credits for the albums that have them?
    Finistaire = Marooned

    For composer credits refer to the most recent reissues of the first three albums released via pinkflag, alternatively check out the Discogs website:

    Then under each album it gives the songwriter credits (or should)
    Yeah, Discogs doesn't have composer credits for any of them I've checked, but thanks...
    Someone should do something like this for Wire:

    but I'm not volunteering, it would be quite a job.

    I'm reading your book right now by the way (if you're Kevin Eden, somehow I got the impression that you are).

    I checked and Discogs does have composer credits for each album, Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154

    I am Kevin Eden
    You're right, thanks, I wasn't looking in the right place.