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    One of the ATP events that was due to be in Prestatyn Pontins has been moved to Manchester (apparently this being a lower key ATP event they were hoping to share the festival site with regular holidaymakers rather than book the whole place out - Pontins decided this might not be such a good idea after all)

    The Friday night has Wire as well as Mission of Burma and John Cale on the same bill and unlike usual ATP setup as it's not in a holiday camp you can book a day ticket and none of this chalet booking thing so there's a good night out already.

    I'm not familiar with the rest of bill and I don't know anything about Drive Like Jehu who are curating the whole weekend (a sometime Idealcopyist and member of this site was trying to describe them to me last night but I'm none the wiser)
    - this is culty post-hardcore stuff I presume- anyone familiar with groups like Hot Snakes, The Spits, Soulside, King Khan and the Shrines?
    RS - do you know anything about Victoria Warehouse as a venue? Whereabouts is it?
    Hmm. Tempted!

    Not heard them but King Khan and the Shrines are a bit garagey apparently
    @Ian B the Victoria Warehouse is near to Old Trafford Football Stadium so easy to get to. It is usually the venue for The Warehouse Project which is an annual ravey dance/Dj thing - I've seen a regular gig there and I didn't much care for the set up which is more geared toward a dance event (frisked for drugs on entry (!), expensive crap lager, hi-vis security all over the place, cold and grim breezeblock vibe throughout which presumably ravecore/EDM types find 'edgy' and exciting zzzzz) but the sound system was good and I enjoyed the gig all the same. I've decided I'm going to the Friday session - Wire, John Cale and Mission of Burma well worth the admission fee.
    You're really selling it here, mate! ;) But I'm in!!
    This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following ATP over the last few years but apparently This Heat and John Cale dropped out at the last minute and Roky almost did as well. Apparently artists are not getting paid.

    People who attend ATP events should really reconsider what they are doing. They have a long track record of not paying artists and ripping off fans with last minute cancellations. I am hoping at the very least that Wire were not victims of this.
    Where did you hear of John Cale pulling out of the festival? I've got ticket and hotel booked for friday, hope Wire don't pull out too, if so it'll be a hundred quid wasted, as they the only 2 artists i really want to see there :-(
    This Is Not This Heat canceled due to Hayward's foot injury though, according to what he's written on his facebook page.
    thanks Biccio ;-)
    ATP Manchester won't happen according to a post on Drive Like Jehu's Facebook page. No funds, the usual ATP problem.
    It's off.
    heigh-ho! :-( at least we've got the BBC6 Session to look forward to, and delivery of the album, anyone know if the chaps are doing a UK tour in Autumn to promote Nocturnal Koreans, or playing anywhere oop here in t'north?
    Can't say I didn't warn you :-)
    It's true about Charles Hayward - he was due to play a low-key gig tomorrow but has cancelled.
    Hmm, I'm aware ATP had a few issues in the past - I assumed they had got their shit together or maybe changed ownership wasn't looking into their finances before I booked - Wire don't strike me as a band to suffer fools and they have a long track record with ATP

    Seems they have certainly pissed off a lot of people :

    Fortunately I've had a refund direct from the ticket agency so I'm not joining ATPs ever growing list of creditors and I only took a punt on this as it was so close to home tbh -

    Feel bad for those who've forked out for hotels etc.
    @martin with regard your hotel booking have you seen this on the ATP website? Worth a try?

    "As the organiser of this event, ATP will also be reimbursing all customers for any non-refundable travel and accommodation expenses. If this applies to you please get in touch at with the subject line ‘DLJ EXPENSES', attaching your full booking confirmations including Terms & Conditions of sale."
    @martin with regard your hotel booking have you seen this on the ATP website? Worth a try?

    Yes thanks R Swimmer, I sent them my hotel invoice straight away so hopefully will get it as promised, (they say that they are reimbursing in order of bookings so I should get mine by Christmas) ;-).
    Was so very much looking forward to seeing Wire live again, and Cale would have been a bonus. It must be very frustrating for all artists involved.
    I finally got my money back, but NOT from ATP, (what a shower of shits they are!) I got Natwest, to give me the refund that ATP had promised and the bank now fighting for it.
    In a reply to my last email (I sent many and waited ages for replies), ATP promised that I would receive a refund within the next 5 to 10 working days, 3 weeks later still wasn't there. It is beyond me how they are able to put on gigs (presently 2 being advertised on their site for this September!) yet they don't have the money to refund audience members, some from America and Canada are still thousands out of pocket.
    The 'organisation' itself should be blacked/blocked by all venues and my opinionated opinion ;-)
    After years of ripping off artists and fans with their shady practices ATP is finally no more. Barry Hogan should be blacklisted by the entire music industry.
    To be fair I don't think for one minute Barry & ATP were in it to rip anyone off - there are far easier ways to con people out of money than setting up elaborate, 3 day holiday camp festivals headlined by US Hardcore bands hardly anyone has heard of. I think ATP meant well, they were just hopeless at doing business and seemed to get away with making the same mistakes and not paying the same people over and over. Tony Wilson and Factory Records and their similarly fast & loose approach to paying people is now laughed off as part of their Situationist, anti-capitalist stance - probably not so funny if they owed you a few grand at the time though.

    I've actually never heard of any festival or gig promoter offering to refund punters travel/hotel costs for cancelled shows - for example I'm a cool 45 quid down on un-refundable Virgin Advance train tickets because of last months This Heat gig being cancelled - Charles Hayward bust his foot, nothing I can do about that, these things happen.

    I'm surprised ATP offered to refund travel/hotel costs - I thought that was optimistic to say the least and typical of ATP way of doing business but hats off to you Martin for getting Natwest to front the cash and add themselves to the no doubt enormous list of ATP creditors along with John Cale and Roky Erickson -about time the Bankers paid a few quid back!