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    It's always a little jarring to me, the order on "Another The A List," since it's so different from what my list would be. Anyway, more recent results would be interesting to see; I figure if everybody does a top ten list, after a while maybe I'll count them up and list the songs with the most votes. The ten don't have to be in order, though, that would be too hard...

    Boiling Boy
    Practice Makes Perfect
    Outdoor Miner
    The 15th
    B/W Silence
    Burning Bridges
    Time Lock Fog

    I see I've shafted a lot of good ones, I just tried to make it quick and not agonize over it or worry about changing my mind tomorrow, which I will do.
    This is damn near impossible but here goes:

    Map Ref
    The 15th
    Dot Dash
    Silk Skin Paws
    Outdoor Miner
    Time Lock Fog
    Ally In Exile (original)
    French Film Blurred
    In Manchester
    Well, that page hasn't been updated in almost a decade, and so it omits anything remotely recent. (I recall at the time some of the Read & Burn stuff was doing OK in the chart, but all the other stuff had a big head-start!) I've no idea what my own top-ten was at the time, but I can guarantee it'd be a lot different today. Mind you, looking at Wireviews now, the last top ten update isn't too bad:

    1. Map Ref. 41°N 93°W
    2. Outdoor Miner
    3. The 15th
    4. Ahead
    5. Kidney Bingos
    6. Ex-Lion Tamer
    7. Mannequin
    8. Mercy
    9. Reuters
    10. Blessed State
    I noticed that almost every Wire list includes Map Ref, Outdoor Miner and The 15th. That is really the golden trifecta of Wire in pop mode.
    Not just damn near impossible - utterly impossible! I had a go and was up to ten before the end of 154!
    How about Top Tens for each of the separate phases in Wire's history? Or even by theme e.g. (as mentioned by stevethehouse) Top Ten 'Wire in pop mode' or Top Ten 'Wire in thrash mode' etc etc..?
    Good point, those are the golden pop songs arguably. I think there is a real upsurge of pop melodies in the recent stuff, particularly the 2015 album, where songs like Burning Bridges, In Manchester, and High have some of the catchiest Wire melodies thing I noticed about my list is that it seems to lean toward the pop, and that wasn't really intentional--I didn't set out thinking "I prefer the poppy stuff," but a lot of it is just so good...
    mark'em, if you start a thread for any of those questions, I'm up for it...
    I probably won't, but here's a few more ideas for Top Tens, as we can never have enough of them..

    Top Ten Wire songs on an aquatic theme
    Top Ten Wire coppiced riffs
    Top Ten Wire melodies you can't whistle
    Top Ten Wire songs featuring obscure but memorable phrases (verbal)
    Top Ten Wire songs featuring obscure but memorable phrases (musical)
    Top Ten Wire songs coming in at under 90 seconds
    Top Ten Wire songs shouted out by punters at gigs and dutifully ignored by the band

    etc etc etc
    Top Ten Wire songs with numbers ion the title...
    iN No oRDER...

    Boiling Boy
    I Should Have Known Better
    Practice Makes Perfect
    Follow The Locust
    As We Go
    Too Late
    The 15th
    Madman's Honey
    Ex-Lion Tamer
    Rather than yet another A-List - would anyone out there have their views on a Z List - a bottom ten - the ten Wire tracks you would play the least?
    Sounds like a great thread idea. Do it!
    "It's always a little jarring to me, the order on "Another The A List,"" An anomaly with the issued A List CD I recall was that different versions of the same song got counted separately so the aggregation of some songs that appear in various incarnations (e.g. original versus Coatings) could be out of order because the less popular version dropped off.
    I tried a Z list, but i could not find 10 Wire songs i don't like. I only found 8 or 9. Unless i start including the early unreleased demos then it's easier.
    Well I know my absolute "Z" track is "Life In The Manscape" - any version will do but particularly the so-called "12" Version". I'll get the other 9 together if and when I feel like it - don't hold your breath LOL
    Out of curiosity, I had a look at how many Wire tracks are saddled with the lowest rating in iTunes, and how many of them are on studio albums. Turns out for me, it's zero.