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    Lists are always the refuge of mags with space to fill but still at least Wire get a "high up" entry!! Find out for yourself at:
    When I think punk, I think Unknown Pleasures! Yeesh …
    Green Day. Ah well. The punk band that became a bleedin' musical.
    Just re-viewed this motley list *(motley except for Wire of course!) and find myself revisiting the age old argument of what "punk" "is". Just throwing it out - to get the Pink Flag crowd talkin'. I'm sure I'll get a bite.

    I say to my un-involved friends punk is: (verbatim) "Sex Pistols, Stranglers, Clash, Damned, Joy Division Buzzcocks, Saints, Wire....."

    Of course in Australia, now nobody knows any of these (except the Pistols sometimes). They look at me like I am idiot! (Which I probably am.) Interested, in the context of this list what we think punk "is"??
    Gina Birch of The Raincoats (who was present at the Sex Pistols' first gig in St Martins College of Art) said during a Raincoats Q & A recently that at the time she never regarded the Stranglers as punk - from stories I hear of people of a similar age this belief was far from unique.
    Yes. Been there, done that. The Stranglers' timing was perfect: they surfed the punk wave and (because of their name and nasty image) were lumped in with the rest.
    Labels, labels, labels. I dunno!
    I say to my un-involved friends punk is: (verbatim) "Sex Pistols, Stranglers, Clash, Damned, Joy Division Buzzcocks, Saints, Wire....."

    All Brits and an Australian band, huh? Punk was invented in the USA!!
    "All Brits and an Australian band, huh? Punk was invented in the USA!!"

    Haha I knew I'd get a bite!!

    I agree with others- Stranglers were opportunists. As for the Malcolm McLaren and the Ramones Stooges / MC5 / VU etc - well enough has been written already. Just being provocative.....
    Yeah, I don't really care that much was kind of a desultory objection at heart, despite the exclamation marks...
    thoughts/replies -
    Stranglers rode the wave, but, cos of their age/experience, were great - especially live!
    PF for me was the 1st 'post-punk' lp, despite it being released before some hack invented the label/term.
    I kinda agree that punk was 1st used as a term to describe music (& I always term all those little USA garage bands that appeared on Nuggets, as first punk bands), but attitude/revolution was rife all over.
    The list was, not surprisingly, UAS-centric, but hats off to them for putting PF & Entertainment (another 'post punk' lp!) so high up!
    If anyone is interested in an alternative take on The Stranglers' raison d'etre, infamy and early musical output, 'Strangled' by Phil Knight (Zero Books) is excellent.
    I was hugely into The Stranglers from Black & White through to La Folie, and attended - at an old friend's invite (we were Stranglers, Devo and Punishment of Luxury fans at school together) - the Leeds leg of their Black & White tour a couple of weeks or so ago. Pure nostalgia (and Burnel/Greenfield/Warne/Drummer-who-looks-a-bit-like-a-young-Jet-Black), but actually, a cracking gig.
    Ian B

    We are heading VERY off topic now- BUT Punishment of Luxury "Laughing Academy" is one of my quirkly marvellous late '70s favourites. Add to that Drones "Further Temptations", Dead Fingers Talk "Storm the Reality Studios" and for our American friends my absolute non-Wire favourite The Suicide Commandos "Make A Record".

    Just throwin' it out there.....
    ozwire...yep, off-topic but these things happen. Not familiar with much of the other stuff you list, but agree re Laughing Academy. There's at least one other Punilux fan (hi, Uri) who occasionally posts here, and quite a few of my friends back in schooldays, even once things went quite tribal, rated Laughing Academy very highly. Bit of a shame how things went for them after that album, which I recall being pretty well received at the time. You're possibly already aware but stuff from the scheduled follow-up, Revolution By Numbers - appeared on CD a few years ago. Kind of 'demo' quality, but interesting nonetheless. The classic line-up plays live once in a while and even released an EP of new material a couple or three years ago called 'Five' which I've not been able to get hold of.