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    On the subject of Wire featuring on nationally broadcast media recently, there's a UK 'Freeview' channel called Vintage TV that seems to have appeared quite recently. Basically just old music videos I think. Anyway I saw a programme listed a couple of weeks back called something like 'The Art School Crowd' so I though I'd have a look because, well, you know...

    There was the expected Pulp, Franz Ferdinand et al, but, towards the end, the video for 'Ahead'.

    I know all this stuff can be viewed without much effort on youtube, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless.
    @ R Swimmer - I said I thought they were bland, what have "testosterone" and/or "RAWK" got to do with it?

    Probably advisable you invest in a decent dictionary before you attempt to be droll again, you twit.
    Play nice — we do not need personal insults on this forum.
    Sorry to say it, but I agree with Rooksby, I thought the last couple of albums were lacklustre y Wire's high standards, and I have no time for straightforward rock either.
    Just a matter of preference. For me, Change Becomes Us was such a high watermark, I guess there would always be a bit of a dip. I still contend that it would be beneficial for the band to employ a producer to get an alternative approach.
    "I still contend that it would be beneficial for the band to employ a producer to get an alternative approach" Agreed.
    To balance that argument I maintain Colin is a fantastic producer for Wire's output.
    I love the textures and sounds he gets out of the band's performances.
    And, although it would be interesting to hear an outsider's production work with the current line-up of Wire, I would contend the only producer to have done a great job with the band previously was Mike Thorne for the first three albums. I think Wire were badly let down by their producers during the 80s/early 90s.
    " I think Wire were badly let down by their producers during the 80s/early 90s." - Yes, but it also could be that they were victims to a sound that was somehow "required" in the 80's - plenty of bands' output suffered from what was the current trend in reference to production.

    My one disagreement with that is "The First Letter". It's obviously played down because it was recorded during Robert's departure from the group, but it's a terrific album and well produced. Definitely worth reappraising.
    My point - just to clarify - is that the last few Wire records have sounded brutally over-compressed.

    It's a process that began, to a lesser degree, on parts of Change Becomes Us (which remains a brilliant LP regardless).

    However, S/T and Nocturnal Koreans sound like they've sonically gelded - they're both v. watery and insipid.

    @ leefact25 - I agree, The First Letter is peculiarly underrated - even by Wire fans!
    Agreed: The First Letter is the best sounding record from the Wire mk2 era. It sounds particularly impressive on the car stereo!
    And perhaps the band and various producers were stymied by the obsession with the 80's technological route they wanted to take. That's not to take anything away from many of the songs, which are downright brilliant.
    Mr Rook, I understand what you're getting at regarding the last two releases. Fact is, I'd love more records to sound like that! It all comes down to personal preference in the end.
    31 March is a-nearing. Has that deadline been shifted or should we be expecting news soon?
    That's just what I've been thinking - can't be long now for some news..?!
    It wasn't long indeed..
    I'm taking full credit for this. *cough*

    edit: Dang but the teaser track crackles. Been a remarkable run of quality since RBT.
    Playing Harp For The Fishes 3:44
    Short Elevated Period 2:54
    Diamonds In Cups 4:09
    Forever & A Day &n bsp; 4:07
    An Alibi 3:10
    Sonic Lens 4:31
    This Time 4:17
    Brio 3:37
    Sleep On The Wing 3:00
    Silver/ Lead 2:40

    I'm hoping that "Wolf Collides" is just under a different title (Brio perhaps?) but glad that "Go-Go-Go" was dropped. Much like "Still" on Nocturnal Koreans that song is just far too obvious to be an effective Wire song.
    Marc Riley played Short Elevated Period tonight. Pretty good on first hearing, a pop song.