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    Wire's on the road again soon, coming to various cities in Europe and North America. What tracks are you hoping to hear, and what cities are you hoping Wire will visit?
    Hi David,

    But of course :)
    Planning a welcome in Belgium :}
    hopefully Wire will make it back to Atlanta again. if not, uh, well, there really aren't any other big cities nearby...

    as to what i want to hear: i want them to play as passionately and brilliantly as they did last time. the song choice is completely up to them. i will jsut be happy to see them.
    East Anglia's probably a bit much to hope for, but London'd be good!
    Let me second PostLibyan for an Atlanta date. As to playlist -- whatever they choose but a wild 21st century Drill exploration could be memorable.

    As far as USA is concerned current offers are really centred around major markets but nothing is completely resolved yet. The majority of North American dates will be this autumn.

    Yes there will be at least one London date. Most probably in June.

    Chicago looks like a lock... great news! doesn't matter what they play, it'll be intense. and who knew, ten years ago, we'd even have the opportunity? this is pure gravy.
    I assume NYC's a given, but how about Brooklyn instead of Manhattan? Music Hall of Williamsburg might be a nice alternative to the usual Manhattan venues. (I know Irving Plaza's been a Wire favorite in the past, but with the changeover to "Fillmore East" ticket prices have skyrocketed there.)
    Hey StevenH. i'm coming to NY this weekend. Now who do you recommend to see on Saturday or Sunday night according to the TONY listings?
    Hmmm, it's not a terribly exciting weekend in NYC (you're missing Wire faves Dirty Projectors earlier in the week), but I'd probably recommend Glenn Mercer (ex-Feelies) at Luna Lounge on Saturday. I don't use TONY that much, check out for a good overview of what's going on, or Todd P's list for more independent/avant/underground shows:
    Are there any Canadian gigs before or after Calgary, or will it be just those ?
    Would love to see a Boston area gig, if not New Haven (where I saw them last at the long since defunct Grotto)
    Toronto!!! I want to drink your beer again Colin!
    It is highly likely there will be a Toronto gig & one in the Boston area.
    I've driven down to Chicago to see Wire play. But I have very fond memories of them playing at First Avenue in Minneapolis. The room always seemed full to me. Come on back! :)

    Congrats on another new album. Each one is a fine surprise and greatly appreciated!
    Would love to see more UK gigs!
    Uh, is Atlanta a major market? If not, what do I need to do before Autumn? Atlanta has the largest number of Waffle Houses of any American city, one of which involved Kid Rock in fisticuffs. That's gotta count for something.............