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    Dunno if anyone will have an answer before I find out in person, but is there much or anything in the way of merchandise? Tour CDs, t-shirts, etc? Sure, I'll know in a matter of hours, but if there are lots of neat things to buy, I'll need to have more than beer money.
    No tour CDs, just a store selling CDs, DVDs, Vinyl but nothing you can't buy at the shop here.
    I did get a nice Read & Burn 3 T-shirt when they played here in May but these must have all sold out as there were none at the September gigs.
    Very great show yesterday in Montreal. I 've had the possibility to listen one of my best favourite band. Members of Wire are my heroes.

    Two years ago, I had prepared a special radio program in French about WIRE (and also Wedding Present).
    See the link and listen (click on L'intégrale rock - Wedding Present) :

    Good trip through North America

    See you

    same setlist as europe?
    Saw them last night in Ottawa. Great great great show. Lots of stuff from their recent releases, but also stuff from Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, 154, A Bell is a Cup, and a couple of songs I didn't recognize.... it's been 28 years from hearing them for the first time to actually seeing them in person, but boy, did they deliver. The crowd was enthusiastic, and I think the band picked up on it; they seemed like they were having a good time. I saw them with a friend who'd seen them 20 years ago in Montreal on The Ideal Copy tour and he loved it, and with a friend who only knows Pink Flag and a handful of other songs, and he loved it, and my wife who wasn't keen on going out on a Monday night and she got into it too. And they did "The 15th," one of my all-time favourite Wire songs.

    And I did get some merch -- I didn't already have the Live at the Roxy/Live at CBGB doublepack, so I bought that and an Object 47 t-shirt. And finally got a pink flag pin; PostEverything started sending those out with orders *after* I'd bought Read and Burn 01.
    Last time I went downtown, I grabbed the leaflet of the Rockstore, a local club over here.

    It reads that Wire is scheduled on November 25th. To be honest, the though of seeing Wire in my hometown is classified as utopia in my mind since 1986. If it has to become true, it will be the highlight of the 2000's for me.

    If someone has any other information about this concert, I would be delighted to know.

    Special mention to Micnatis:
    Prends une demi-semaine de vacances à Montpellier. Sur le programme du Rockstore, Wedding Present est prévu le 18 novembre et Wire le 25.
    just found this great review from sunday's show in montreal. expresses my sentiments exactly about their guitar sound:
    So they played Silk Skin Paws? Awesome!
    Until someone who went confirms otherwise, I'm inclined to think that this person is getting SSP mixed up with Boiling Boy.
    They did say a pair of A Bell Is A Cup tracks in the review
    Pretty sure I heard both Silk Skin Paws and Boiling Boy in the set last night.
    Good to know. Mind you, Wire played SSP during the 2000 tour, so I guess the tune's lurking around the back of their collective mind.
    hey freakbag, link didn't work............
    Works fine for me.
    yes, the set is NOT the same as in Europe :)

    Can someone post the set they are playing this time around? Or is it the same + Silk Skin Paws?
    o.k, link worked this time, neat review.
    Happy to hear it was a great show.

    Hey Colin,

    Thanks for the reply, and I agree 100% that a proper gig will be nice next time you're in town. Everyone loves a free show, but the stress of trying to get tickets far outweighed the 15 bucks or so I would've gladly paid. However, FMU is a great radio station, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate their anniversary!
    Meanwhile, I was able to snag a pair of tickets from WFMU, so my son will be joining me for his first Wire gig. He loves Perspex Icon, and we're both digging Hard Currency right now.
    See you in about 20 hours!

    -another the Paul

    p.s. And keep Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn) in mind for the next trip.
    I have a long observation, followed by a question.

    the long observation. Years back I picked up copies of pink flag and chairs missing and enjoyed
    these albums but I never developed into a fan of Wire. A friend of mine, who is much more of an
    afficionado and keeps more up to date than me by purchasing reams of CDs, drew to my attention
    the upcoming Wire show in Ottawa (where I live). I thought initially that it was another cashin by
    ageing rockers with mortgage or liquidity problems but offering no new material.

    But Alex says givum a lissen, so off I went (figuratively speaking) to the pinkflag site and did just
    that, downloading several of the tracks generously offered there. And listening, listening busy busy
    as the synapses clik away and it dawns upon me that I am Impressed. I went to the Birdman where I
    buy my vinyl and bought a reasonably-priced ticket (20$ C per) for each of us (Alex and me that is).
    Sadly, on Monday Alex was too sick to go, so I went solo, killing time in a coffee shop near the
    Imperial Theatre aka Barrymores. Who should show up but the lot of them (Mr. Newman, Mr.
    Grey and Mr. Lewis, along with the girl who puts all them wires together – sorry, her name escapes
    me). The threesome were a bit crusty, but hey, who the hell was I? Bloody stranger. Not even a
    proper fan. Fortunately, Mr. Lewis was generous with his time and we talked a fair but about
    survival and living life. Supercool. This was an auspicious start to the evening ahead.

    The show. Well, lets put it this way I was blown away. The guys put out and I respect that. Fast,
    committed, relentless. Zero B.S. (limited banter, no ‘howya doin tonite Ottawa?’). Mr. Grey on the
    drums, eyes shut, Mr. Newman and Mr. Lewis showing no mercy, not letting up. Ms. Fiedler
    McGinnis making beautiful sounds far over to their left. There’s a cleanness of line with this group
    that I’ve never seen anywhere before. With me being a less than ideal fan, I’d heard little
    of the material before. But I kept my mind open (not that anything could crawl right in) and lets put it this way, I purchased the vinyl object 57.5 from conspiracy 51 the next day.

    We (me and the rest of the audience) had built up a wee appetite by the time they left the stage and so we
    called them back, Relentlessly. Got three encores. Mr. Newman came armed with a laptop for the
    third. After the show, saw a guy outside who had attended on spec and like me just having heard
    some of the new material. He was superimpressed. Really a killer show.

    End of long observation. Now the question.

    So what did you have on that laptop, Mr. Newman? Was it really email? BBC jam cams? A football
    match? Simulations of possible chess moves? Tablature? The list is endless and I really need to get some sleep. Only you hold the answer.

    rok on, mon