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    I heard they played "Underwater Experiences" in Boston....anyone know for sure??
    I can confirm that a terrifying version of "Underwater Experiences" was thrust upon the audience in Toronto!

    It was magnificent.
    Setlist from Boston 10/8: (Wow! Can't wait for tonight's gig!)

    1.Our Time
    2.Mr. Marx
    4.Being Sucked In
    5. Mekon
    8. Agfars
    10.All Fours
    11.One of Us
    12.Boiling Boy
    15. I Don't Understand
    16. He Knows
    17. Pinkflag
    18. Lowdown
    19. Underwater
    20. Circumpect
    Excellent. I'm slightly envious! I was just about to ask for setlists there and freakbag read my mind...

    As for the laptop, I think Colin is checking the Pink Flag forum to see if there is any update on the Velvet Underground/Pil/Magazine thread. ;)
    There were indeed Underwater Experiences to be had last night in Boston.

    The show was fantastic - in hindsight I'm glad I didn't do much research into previous set lists as each song was a very pleasant surprise.

    I did manage to sneak in a hello and a thank you to Graham and Colin before the show, Robert strode past rather quickly and I have to admit I did not know what Margaret looked like until she got on stage. They were most gracious about my sheepish moment of praise, and Colin took the opportunity to remind me that the proper pronunciation of his first solo album would be "A - Zed" as opposed to my oh-so-American "A - Zee".

    I'll never say A - Z[ee] again.

    At any rate, another thank you to the band for a glorious evening. There are so many acts that started long ago that I thought I could never see play, and Wire was always one of them. I feel quite lucky to have caught them these last few times they came through Boston. I thought I'd miss Bruce, but Margaret did an incredible job and seemed to fill his considerable shoes with ease.

    Highly recommended.

    [edited to add: regarding that setlist up there. OK, I had a few beers in me by the end, but they did play a super-fast 12XU, didn't they?]
    "As for the laptop, I think Colin is checking the Pink Flag forum to see if there is any update on the Velvet Underground/Pil/Magazine thread. ;)" it's the best thread going, so it's totally understandable that he'd be interested in any new posts!!!!!

    Silk Skin Paws live? hugely envious!!!
    >>Silk Skin Paws live? hugely envious!!! <<
    'hugely' envious? I am positively BURSTING with envy.I oh so really really wanna see 'em live.circumstance, hate that word.
    OH. MY. GOD. Underwater Experiences? I can't wait until tommorrow when I can be assaulted by that song.
    Maybe he was updating his status on Facebook "Colin is playing encore in Toronto"
    This is your correspondent...


    Captured from an actual setlist that was left lying around and (sadly) scooped up by another devotee:

    1. Our Time
    - delivered sans the bittersweet murkiness of RB3 -- all confidence and no vulnerability for this version

    2. Mr. Marx's Table
    - "it's too late to pray" -- doubtless a nod to those on Wall Street (Bay Street, here in Canada)

    3. Comet
    - we were all happy to be pummelled by this one - the world will indeed go on...

    4. Being Sucked In Again
    - a fitting response to the first cold week of the year -- perhaps a comment on the epidemic of reissues and reunion tours of the last few years?

    5. Mekon Headman
    - Graham talks to us directly and reminds us why we're here

    6. Icon In Perspex
    - only wire could sound like this

    7. Advantage In Height
    - the bombay collossus returns! where's hughie?

    8. Agfers of Kodack
    - Graham's ode to photography (?) done adequately - no veins bulging a la Scottish Play -- I guess you can't explode every
    night of a tour!

    9. Silk Skin Paws
    - musically brilliant, lyrically worrying - are we heading back to Thatcher's Britain and Reagan's America?

    10. All Fours
    - not entirely sure if this was played at this point in the show but this one was done with the same intensity
    as the record -- there's a bit of agony here, you'd think Bruce would've been involved

    11. One of Us
    - their pop gem unleashed on Toronto in less than fine form - a false start (courtesy of Robert?) and slippery timing with the early choruses kept this plane on the runway

    I can't remember when exactly but there was a bit where Colin did his Jimmy Page impression and managed
    to get a laugh out of everyone in the room - good fun!

    12. Boiling Boy
    - the highlight of the evening for the techno crowd - the most un-rock number in the set could've easily gone on for
    much longer putting everyone in a trance - our atoms were excited - a welcome relief from the manic bluster
    of the Pink Flag meets Send approach they seem so enamoured of these days (wire just aren't weird anymore!)

    13. The 15th
    - the opening signalled a rush of noise from the crowd - clearly a favourite everywhere they go

    14. 106 Beats That
    - personally i'm not entirely sure they have any business doing this one now as it sounds very much
    of it's time but then again I have no taste - I gawked at Colin barking and enjoyed it anyway - it's wire, in my town!

    15. I Don't Understand
    - i think we all understand that this one is the funniest song they've bashed out in recent years - not unlike
    Comeback In Two Halves and Their Terrain, this one may be doing what they do best -- criticising themselves?

    16. He Knows
    - i think i read about this one years ago (during the time i opted out of wire trainspotterdom, silly me) -- quite thoughtful in it's approach and has real potential -- could've easily made it onto Read And Burn 3 but I'm such a fan of that one I'm not sure I'd want anything changed - maybe!

    17. Pink Flag
    - get your calculators out, how many dead or alive?

    18. Lowdown
    - decent but far from groundbreaking -- i think this one may be for the fans! the new wire wants to make friends
    it seems! (not a bad thing btw)

    19. Underwater Experiences
    - not unlike the other versions you've heard, this one popped up out of nowhere and leaves you wondering who what when
    and why was this created? catharsis and disorientation in equal amounts - a terrifying surprise from one of those imperfect
    folds in the space/time continuum - as thoroughly odd and wonderful as you'd expect

    Absent from the official setlist are two other numbers that were most certainly played:

    20. 12XU
    - this song arrived in Toronto without any recognizable intro but managed to cleanse the venue of any lingering calm
    -- complete with atonal guitar splatters courtesy of Margaret - highly appropriate!

    21. Circumspect
    - is it just me or is this song in the wrong sequence on o47? -- what comes across as slow and lurching on record
    seemed to pick up speed played live - the dynamics on this one improved greatly

    Three encores were enough for them (but not for us!) and so they bid Toronto a fond farewell, secure in the knowledge that their efforts spanning four decades (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s - that's four decades, right?) were appreciated and will undoubtedly
    be remembered for many decades to come... teach your children well!

    Technical Tidbits:

    Colin played the Line 6 Variax - for those who don't know, it's a guitar that models the sound of other types of guitars with the twist of the knob - I've tried it and I don't like it!

    The laptop was spotted as well but for what I do not know. Lyrics?

    I don't think Rob had an Octapad in his kit this time.

    Margaret sported a well-loved Jagmaster I believe. I've tried it and I like it!

    ... running out of tape
    "19. Underwater Experiences"

    I so want to hear that.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 9th 2008)
    just back from the WFMU gig at Irving Plaza, er, "the Fillmore" in NYC. The set was similar to what ilogic lists, but not identical. Having also been at the South St. Seaport, I was impressed by the amount of different material, particularly in the second half of the set, seeing as the UK sets appeared to be all the same. "Silk Skin Paws" was a highlight for me, more bristling than the album track but just as strangely alluring.

    the sound was more together than the Seaport in terms of onstage action--that is, Margaret's amp didn't blow up during "The 15th," so that number was superb, and the 2 guitars were very well balanced throughout. But the mix didn't seem to have as much trippiness overall--does Wire tour with a sound tech, and if so is it the same person now as earlier in the summer? The mix was more straightforward, or somehow not as many overtones were emerging. That means it was more in your face, though--not a bad tradeoff. Graham's bass was sometimes too quiet, surprisingly.

    the film screen at the front of the stage came down after the first encore, and as some people filed out, I went up to check out Colin & Margaret's gear. Then up came the screen, and out came the band, twice more! Most of us were surprised. Of course I couldn't hear much vocal right at the front (actually Colin's vocals didn't cut through 100% much of the night--I think was a mic/mix issue rather than a voice issue), but it was intense to be up there!

    my girlfriend was in "the loo" before realizing that the band was back onstage for the 2nd encore. She made her way back to the room and stood next to Chris Martin of Coldplay to watch the final 4 numbers... I suppose it's too late for him to learn a few tricks?
    just back from the show @ the Fillmore, NYC. great show! Wire came out just bludgeoned the assembly. faces were melted and
    asses were rocked. my synapses are never going to be the same again. blistering guitar attack from all 3 players. same song
    selection as above. i agree with most of it except i thought "one of us" sounded fantastic, less pop and more hard hitting than
    the cd version. "boiling boy" was another highlight. first time i can remember hearing "underwater" sounded great, very strange song indeed. (it preceded "lowdown" in tonight's set). "circumspect" was next followed by manic "12XU".

    i gotta say, i was awfully surprised at how sedate the crowd was. maybe because it was a free gig and not that many in the crowd were familiar with the material, but there was hardly any dancing or moshing. i mean i'm 50 years old (and i certainly
    can't dance like michael jackson) and the woman i was with was quite a bit younger but we moving and shaking and jumping about
    throughout the entire set. it was weird to see all these young kids just nodding their heads a bit. strange. i've seen everyone from
    the Cramps to the Plasmatics to John Cale to Rancid a few weeks ago, but i don't think i've ever seen such a low energy crowd as
    the one i saw tonight.

    ilogogic pro makes an interesting point about the "pinkflag meets send" era stuff. and how wire "just aren't weird anymore". i was thinking exactly the same thing. nothing wrong with rocking it, and they are excellent at it, but for me i'd love to hear "feed me" or
    "vivid riot of red" or "ambitious" blended into the set.

    anyway totally enjoyable evening! opening act Times New Viking also quite good. they definitely rocked. i'd like see them play again, hopefully a bit longer than tonight (30mins)
    Just back from Irving Plaza. I think my son will be talking about this night for a long time! He (we) were very impressed with Times New Viking and bought a CD on the way out. They sounded much better (fuller) live, which is pretty cool considering it's mostly just guitar and drums.
    Wire were fantastic tonight. I finally got to see them play The 15th and shouted out a loud "Thank you very much" when the applause died down. We were both blown away by the R&B songs. Agfers has never been my fave from this period, but it was amazing. Same set as posted for Boston, with 12XU after Circumspect. The 80's material was very welcome, as good as or better than in 2000. Would've flipped for some tongue in cheek Drill, Baby, Drill...especially with Graham reminding the crowd several times that tomorrow (today!) is the last day to register to vote. I also thought I'd be missing Bruce, and I did think about him today, and even just before the show as I explained to Troy where (and how) Bruce would've been standing on stage. Margaret fit in and rocked out.

    Enjoy the rest of the tour! See you next time around.

    -another the Paul
    Times New Viking and Muslims are great support bands.
    yeah, i kind of agree with c.c.: "the mix didn't seem to have as much trippiness overall". very minor point because it was an excellent performance with a great setlist, but i thought the guitars sounded a bit more freaked out at the seaport show.

    buzz buzz: a keyboard player too. really fleshed out their sound.also she is quite a good vocalist.
    They'd better play underwater experiences in Atlanta or there'll be trouble ;-)

    I didn't fly across the atlantic specifically to see wire* for them not to play underwater experiences...


    * Not strictly true; I was over here anyway. But I have made a detour!
    I considered flying to Atlanta and crashing in on taoyoyo's couch if he in the missus would have me but I could justify the expense or the carbon footprint.

    Damn, damn.

    Colin, Graham, Robert, Margaret, please come back soon...

    7jlong says...

    They were most gracious about my sheepish moment of praise, and Colin took the opportunity to remind me that the proper pronunciation of his first solo album would be "A - Zed" as opposed to my oh-so-American "A - Zee".

    I'll never say A - Z[ee] again.

    A bigger faux pas would have been to complement Colin on his pants. ;-)
    On the faux pas front I have a vague memory of reading in a music paper years ago the tale of a journalist discussing with Colin either Commercial Suicide or It Seems and gushing about the silky, almost feminine quality of his voice on one of the tracks. Apparently Mr Newman listened patiently as the journo heaped praise on him, and only once finished politely thanked him but advised him that it was his wife Malka who'd done the vocal in question
    Saw both the Philly & DC shows this weekend. Amazing stuff. The Philly show had better sound but the DC show had the better performance. Does it really get any more intense than Pink Flag? I doubt it. Unbelievable stuff. Hats off to Margaret for stepping up and filling Bruce's shoes... she didn't miss a beat.

    Graham was visibly pissed about the sound during both shows... especially at the DC show where he was giving the sound guy dirty looks throughout the whole set. I will agree that the sound at the DC show was too muddy and not very well mixed. Didn't take anything away from the experience for me at all.

    This is only a minor criticism, but after hearing them two nights in a row, I think the Object 47 songs (especially Perspex and All Fours) could benefit from being slowed down slightly. I don't think playing them at the speed they are at now does the songs justice.. especially Perspex where it seems like Colin is struggling to get in all of the lyrics into the chorus. That's just my opinion though, they are still both great songs.

    Thanks to Wire for coming out to the states and reminding us all once again why they are the greatest band in the world. I won't forget those two nights for as long as I live. Here's hoping that Wire will come back again in the future.