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    Looking forward to the Leuven and Manchester gigs.

    Hoping they play all of Read & Burn 3 (especially 23 Years Too Late!), some other R&B stuff (Spent would be bliss!) and interested in hearing some new stuff, too.

    Something off Chairs Missing or 154 or maybe some Mk II stuff like A Serious Of Snakes would be good, too.

    But really, who cares. Just glad we're gonna see them again.
    Margaret and LIVE WIRE
    Four Sense Worth

    1. Glad to be surprised by Wire, its one of the things I most enjoy about art. Most of my favorite bands had(ve) mixed genders; the list far too long to include (or even remember), but let's say from VU to MARS to the EX, for starters.
    2. Laika were great, saw them several times in the 'dub conscious' 90's in Chicago (seem to recall Moonshake as well), although the tempo seemed about 1/4 of Wire's recent efforts.
    3. As Wire performed a thermonuclear exorcism in 2000(?), I'm sure they'll include Atlanta again to survey the damage. As far as song choices go, I'll be happy to be shocked and awed.
    4. Hello to the Atlanta posse and Mr. V40
    Testing Testing 1-2-3. I'm hoping they'll play in Barnoldswick and play a few tracks off Manscape.
    I'm on the west coast of Canada so I hope there will be something easy for me to get to - Vancouver would be ideal but I am usually up for a jaunt down to Seattle if need be.

    I'd like to hear a good mix of old and new, leaning a bit towards the new. And for the old stuff, well, I am not too picky...I'd just like it to be different old stuff that what's been played since 2000.
    Has anyone noticed that we just "broke" a New York show on the 30th May. This is in fact a BIG free gig put on as part of the "River to river" series of events. This will in fact be the largest show Wire have ever headlined! Gulp....
    really up for the manchester gig.....driving down from newcastle straight after work can't wait :)

    looking forward to hearing some new material......they're bound to include some new tunes after all it is other band quite like them in this world of popular music past or present.
    there seem to be a lot of fellow-atlantans here...

    my wife and i went to see a place to bury strangers last month at the drunken unicorn. i was wearing a wire shirt and got stopped by someone who turned out to be the owner/promoter of the variety playhouse.. he said they were hoping to book wire this fall. i said 'please do'.

    *fingers crossed*
    Hoping for an Arizona date.
    Some place in Ohio would be nice sicne I'm having a baby soon and don't want to travel far AND have never seen Wire.
    I can't travel too far, so I'd really love Wire to come to Birmingham (UK) if they could. Hearing the new album live would be great, as well as Spent and Comet from Send, but I'd also really love to hear some of the earlier stuff too - Heartbeat, Used To, Reuters, Strange, Fragile, The 15th and so on...
    Hey taoyoyo,

    I was at the A Place To Bury Strangers show at Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta as well. I must have missed you, as I would have surely started a conversation with someone wearing a Wire shirt. An attempt to book Wire at Variety Playhouse, eh? That possibility makes my pulse quicken, that's for sure. It would be a good venue for the band.
    Hello InspectorJason...

    (Also on the IC list?)... I had a jacket on over the Wire shirt, we were somewhere around the middle. Thought the gig was okay... APTBS were not as good as the sum of their parts (MBV, JAMC) and it seemed to be more of a vehicle for the guitarist to play with his instrument.

    Having seen Wire many times in the UK before I moved over here I would love to see them again... I know my wife is excited about the prospect too, having not been aware of the band when they played at the Echo Lounge.
    Hey taoyoyo,

    Yes, I'm also on the IC list, although I haven't been pulling my weight on there lately like I should. A friend and I were standing near the very back of the venue, so that's probably why I didn't see the Wire shirt. Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound was also in the crowd, incidentally. A Place To Bury Strangers were much more intense than I expected...sort of like a second tornado going through Atlanta. I got my shoegazer fix pretty well at the Film School show (at The Earl) a couple of days ago, though.
    I'm thinking about making the journey from seattle to calgary (about 12.5 hours), but i would love to hear that wire is planning some stop in the pacific nw.
    My little one asked if we could go to New York City some day.
    Remembering the May 30 date, I said "Let's see"
    Is that a confirmed date?
    I was going to contact the promoter to see if the venue/time would be reasonable 'family friendly' but don't want to cross any wires (so to speak)
    8 1/2 would be a good age to become aquainted with Wire, I think.
    Having traveled 6 hours by car in 2002, I would appreciate something a little closer than Denver. That would mean Santa Fe or Albuquerque. I don't suppose my backyard (in Taos) is an option?
    ^^ yes too. The Launchpad in Albuquerque would be a decent venue - looks like they re-open around the end of May after being closed because of fire damage.
    There's a little mention (and a picture of Colin) in the Culture magazine of the Sunday Times today - Wire The Original art-punks have whirred into action again. A new album, Object 47, is scheduled for later this year, and a one-off appearance as part of the Futuresonic festival heralds more dates to come.
    Waiting for the first Leuven reports to come in.... Uh, waiting.
    It'd be fantastic to see a setlist from last nights show if possible - anyone?