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    Yes, thanks very much for those images Keith. Some kind of consolation for those of us who couldn't attend. Always good fun to look at photos and imagine what the sound was like! Well, it keeps me happy...
    Incidentally, that blue sofa in Manchester does look comfy. Presumably if the same set-up had occurred back in '77/'78 the seating would have been much, much harder? (Please, no Chairs Missing puns..)
    While I applaud Wire for the South Street Seaport River to River festival date in NYC on May 30 (surely the oddest headline booking in that festival's history, no offense), sorry, but I'm still holding out for a "proper" venue date in NYC. Maybe as part of the "North American dates" later in the fall?
    Here's a couple of reviews from the last set of dates

    Leuven, Drowned in Sound

    Manchester, Guardian
    RE - New York

    I think it would be safe to assume that there will be an indoor show in New York as part of the North American visit in October.
    Thanks Colin, Drowned In Sound was the better of the two reviews, though very annoying that the writer should belittle The Clash for no apparent reason - a fine band indeed!
    I dug up some live footage.....I cant wait to hear studio versions of Mekon Headman...and what I think is "One of Us"
    Live versions sound raw but as we all know..Wire can work magic in a studio.
    Stephen Hope said:

    "No offence to Margaret, but it just seems weird that the close-to-motionless figure of Bruce Gilbert is no longer there."

    ((( After years of stalagmite stillness, Bruce has achieved The Great Work, and become invisible... ;-)
    Having seen Wire close up at two of their Scottish shows four years ago I noticed Graham Lewis builds up a fair old head of sweat (who wouldn't?). So why the hell has he started wearing a hat on stage?
    /\ Perhaps to soak up the sweat?
    Madman hit the nail (hat) on the does soak up the sweat which then, doesn't run into your eyes with the dirt and dust produced by the PA (air moves) and the heat of the lights (thermals)...on the 2 mornings, previous to Manchester, I'd woken with my eyes glued together, very unpleasant...the hat was an intervention. I've used this tactic before.
    Glad I read Graham's comment in its entirity. I thought for a moment that the 'doesn't run into your eyes with the dirt and dust' was a 'grim-up-north' allusion to Manchester! ; )
    It was.................
    didn't strike me as too grim :)

    I think the hat looks rather fetching BTW
    Maybe you should all start wearing hats Colin? Graham could have a big W on the front of his, Robert could have the I, Margaret the R and of course you the E - just a thought. :)
    Or add another new member to the stage line-up, stick a D on his hat, shuffle the pack a bit... now that would be WEIRD...
    ...perish the thought... lock up your hats !
    Gig reports seem to have dried up a bit. Anyone been to these Italian and the French dates? Setlists? Hats?
    Those Futuresonic photos added to the gallery are really excellent, real pro work... no credit though... who took 'em ?

    I like Malka's group portraits too, especially the 2nd one.
    "Those Futuresonic photos added to the gallery are really excellent, real pro work... no credit though... who took 'em ?"

    Kengo Iwamoto. I cunningly broke the gallery script during the last update. Fixed now.
    Hi guys (& gal.... now then, now then!)! Any plans for a show or two in Japan in the not-too-distant future ? Will P-Vine be picking up "Object 47"?

    Glad to hear that all is going well. I broke the ball of my left foot on Friday evening. Plastered again! ;-)