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    Perhaps get on to your local indie radio station (89X if I'm not wrong) and try and persuade them to get some interest going?

    Probably a bit late now if the travel has been booked...

    Just got my tickets for the Metro gig...cannot wait! As far as songs I'd want to hear...oh jesus...any of the new stuff obviously but would love a bit of Two People In A Room, Used To, Our Swimmer or Ahead...

    ...of course Outdoor Miner, but then my life would end because where do you go from there?!
    I realize it's probably too late, but I thought I'd pipe up since Wire didn't stop in Detroit on the Send tour either.

    Detroit has become a weird black hole that artists are either avoiding or just forget we're here - which is odd since you practictally have to drive through downtown to go from Toronto or Cleveland to Chicago.

    One theory is there are literally no outlets for new/alt/underground music. Mark you're correct it is 89X, but they are far from being an alt station anymore - they're way too mainstream to be bothered with a request like mine. Our local public radio station, WDET, was the closest we had to championing out-of-the mainstream music and artists, but they cleared house a few years back. Metro Detroiters are pretty much left to their own devices to find out what's new in the music scene. For this reason I think Detroit has conspicuously absent from tour schedules from groups like Wire, or many other newer groups that I've been interested in for the past few years like Animal Collective or Dirty Projectors. Hell, Sea and Cake didn't come to Detroit until a couple months after their initial tour was over - and they're based in Chicago.

    Anyway, good luck Messrs Newman/Lewis/Grey on your tour - I'd love to be in Chicago for the show, but as father of newborn twins, I'm lucky if I can sneak off to the corner brewery for a pint.
    sandblast: "That's right, the Mayor Of Detroit is all over the news channels, Fox, CNN, even Sky in the UK are getting stuck in.

    It's only a hunch but it's my guess that it's because of the mayor that they've decided to avoid Detroit.

    I thought all you guys in Detroit were Kiss & Ted Nugent fans..."

    Didn't mean to imply that Wire would avoid Detroit because of the mayor - just making light of the sad situation downtown.

    While Detroit did launch Kiss' career, don't forget we have great pre-punk legacy as the home of MC5 and Iggy and the Stooges. As for Nugent, he finally moved his hunting compound to Texas (not far from our lameduck decider.) Word is that Dick Cheney's not allowed anywhere near a loaded shotgun on the premises (haha).
    Curiously...who's opening? Anybody in stone yet?
    Wire play live on Marc Riley's 6Music show on September 2.
    So, how would one of us go about getting admitted to the Irving Plaza (WFMU) gig?
    Eh, buy a ticket...
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeAug 25th 2008)
    "Eh, buy a ticket..."

    it's a free show.
    Oh, I see. Well, walk through the door then - and get there early ! (before the crowd exceeds the fire regs.)
    This thread is entering into the realms of the slightly comical.
    So much so that i've bookmarked it & eagerly await the next instalment.
    Colin/Craig/anyone have any idea who's supporting Wire at The Scala?
    Lonelady plus Electricity in our homes.
    blimey - i actually like Electricty!!! might have to get there early 4 a change instead of posing in a nearby pub!!!!

    Lonelady's pretty damed good as well!!!
    Just got my Philly tix in the mail. I never thought I'd be holding tickets to a Wire show in my hand!
    i dare say that any1 that's was gonna go to The Scala on 8/9 has got a ticket, by now, but if not i have a spare. PM me if yer interested.
    Impressive three-song set on Radcliffe and Maconie's Radio Two show last night (Sept 1). Perspex Icon, The 15th and Boiling Boy. I think Colin's insistence that Wire exist in the here and now and not in the past - despite playing a song from the 70s and one from the 80s - left the hosts somewhat perplexed. And if my hearing didn't play tricks on me Colin's shout of 'CHORUS' towards the end of Perspex Icon threw Graham somewhat. Looking forward to tonight's set on Marc Riley's 6Music show
    missed that one last night. Will have to check it out on the play again feature.

    Thanks for the reminder about tonight on 6music.
    For what it's worth, rough timings:

    40:18 - Perspex Icon
    1:12:40 - interview
    1:19:33 - The 15th
    1:33:40 - Boiling Boy
    Don't suppose you got the running times for Monday's gig have you?