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    Nope. I've no idea what the band will be playing.
    anybody see Wire @ Offset at w/e? all i've heard is from some1 that doesnae know 'em too well that they were 'pretty good'!
    They resurrected 'He Knows' (from 2000) on Marc Riley's show last night, so who knows, He Knows might be part of the live set...
    ...thought I'd pull down the lyrics whilst listening to that song, but alas and alack, they weren't there... Craig ?
    On the Marc Riley show they played Mekon Headman, He Knows & Our Time.

    When bringing up the fact that He Knows was still unreleased, Colin hinted that the song would be appearing on Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest, and that the album would be released on the website some time in the future. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later!
    "Craig ? "

    Uh, don't look at me. He Knows isn't on a record, so I haven't got any words for it! Ask Mr. Newman or Mr. Lewis.
    Sounded good He Knows. Like the way it 'builds' to nothing, like a 'Heartbeat' in fact. Would have fitted nicely on O47. Its not instantly familiar but I have a vague recollection of it being played at the Royal Festival Hall...anyone?
    Yep, it existed throughout 2000. Played at the RFH (along with the other lost new Wire song form 2000, The art of Persistence, which did at least get released on The Third Day...

    He Knows was lplayed at al teh Y2k dates I've heard; it was last performed at Edinburgh in December.

    I swiped the lyric sheet for it at that gig, along with the one for Ally in Exile ;-)

    It's actually called He knows (what I'm thinking). Lyrics are v-e-r-y Graham!

    BBC R6 did broadcast it as part of the Camber Sands set from 2000. Nice to have a studio version of it. Agree it would have fitted well on O47 - a nice change of pace. Perhaps they forgot about it!

    To clarify re the lyrics - I have them somewhere but they are in a Very Safe Place. But not where I thought they were.

    I'll attempt to post them when I find them!

    Organised chaos....

    Hello folks, I will be very cross if you miss Lonelady support slots on next week's UK shows!
    she sounds good on myspaz & i'd like to see her, but it all depends how the pre-gig pose-in-the-pub's going!!!!! do you have any idea of the running times for The Scala??
    there's 3 bands on in London so I would expect 7.30 / 8.30 / 9.30 ish. Don't quote me! Anyway there's not many decent pubs locally (the Flying Scotsman???!!!!) so drink at the Scala beforehand and catch the supports!
    are you on a % of the bar?!?!?!?!

    oh & this is post nmbr 154 of the thread!!!!!
    no, not on % of bar - altho' I wish it were so as my mate Big E (6 ft something with seemingly large hollow legs) will be coming - I could retire on a percentage of his bar tab alone! Just trying to get everyone in the door early for the supports, that's all. See you Monday x
    Here's the "Official" timings for the Scala

    DOORS: 19:30

    20:00 – 20:30 ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES
    20:45 – 21:15 LONELADY
    21:30 – 23:00 WIRE

    CURFEW: 23:00
    Got our tickets for the Atlanta show tonight... so if anyone (Jason?) is up for meeting beforehand. It's getting closer quicker. Hearing the BBC sessions definitely put me in the mood.
    So, the Irving Plaza, NYC show is a freebie for WFMU's birthday. Not that it really matters to those of you across the pond, or even outside the metro area, but I'm feeling like I gotta vent a little. The tickets were being given away from one record store, located in downtown Manhattan right in the heart of NYU's "campus", starting (and certainly ending) on September 3rd. I think Irving Plaza holds about 1200, so the crowd should basically turn out to be roughly 500 NYU students and their friends, and maybe 100 others and their friends. Highly doubtful anyone residing outside NYC had a chance at getting a ticket. I live an hour away. How was I, a fan for 20 - 30 years, supposed to acquire one??

    Just thought I'd bring it up one more time and perhaps get some bit of good news...I gotta be hopeful, right?

    -another the Paul
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeSep 14th 2008)
    you're an hour away from NYC in which direction? There's also the Philly show.

    I have to think Wire would have played a standard club/theater show in the city if one could have been arranged, at least for a reasonable guarantee? Maybe they couldn't get booked anywhere. It is a bit strange that this oddball show is the only show in the metropolitan area.

    I got my tickets for the show around noon. There was an ample supply left, judging by the stack the kid at the counter had. It should have been fairly easy for anyone in the city to get there on their lunch hour. Outside of the city, I agree with you, you got shafted.
    I live and work about an hour east on Long Island. I would've loved to take my son to the WFMU show. I Don't Understand why there isn't another area show on the tour. Hoboken would be doable (remember Maxwell's, guys?)... and Brooklyn would be glorious (think Music Hall of Williamsburg!)!!