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    There are several issues here in regard to the WFMU show. Obviously we have already played NYC this year (seaport) and those big shows like Irving Plaza come with strings that you won't play anywhere else in the area. And realistically he market can onky stand so many shows in the same city in the same year!!

    However I must say that a regular paid venue show will be a high priority for the next visit.


    seems to me that some of the tickets could have been offered to the list or forum via email requests(on a first come first served basis, or donations to a charity sort of thing ala Wilco) for long-time Wire fans outside the N.Y area, say 10/15% how feasible would that be for the 'next such promotion'?
    buzz buzz: why don't you try contacting WFMU directly? as i understand it Other Music gave away 800 tkts. WFMU kept the other 300 for "promotions/ giveaways". i complained to WFMU the first day the "free" show was announced about a case such
    as yours occurring. director of the station said " so sorry for offending you by offering you a free show". call me old fashion,
    but i still believe in good customer relations. so what exactly did this sarcastic elitist twat do with the 300 tkts? how many were given away to his friends, family members or associates? (how many!). more than 2? you can bet on it.

    since the tkts were gone in several days at OM, wouldn't it have been more democratic and sensible to make them available to
    hardcore fans on Pinkflag 2 or 3 weeks prior to the "public" giveaway? simple. easy.

    i imagine quite a few people who are going to this show aren't even Wire fans to begin with. they are going because it's a freebie.

    fortunately i was able to get some tkts. looking forward to seeing the show. seaport was a blast!

    c. : i think the demand would easily be there for a smaller venue. maybe a multi band show at the Knitting Factory, Poisson Rouge, or as mentioned WHoM. you can never get too much of a good thing!
    While I understand that it's a bummer that a lot of hardcore fans couldn't make it out to that free show. It needs to be pointed out that there was a show in NYC this summer and also that there are two shows (Philly and DC) which are within a reasonable travel distance. I live in Pittsburgh and it's going to take me 5 hours to get to Philly, and I'm going to have to get a room and drive another 1 1/2 - 2 hours to DC the next day. Sometimes you just have to travel to see shows, and I know most people who live NYC aren't used to that... but c'mon... it's f*cking WIRE!

    The other important point to bring up is that because it's a free show, and a lot of people are going just for a freebie, that allows Wire the opportunity to expose new people to their live show. Sometimes with a band like Wire who has so many different periods, it's not always easy to give a newbie a good starting point. I think the best possible venue for hearing Wire for the first time is a live show because they are such an intensely fun and powerful live band.

    That's just my $.02
    There was that free show in NYC this summer, that many of us in California wanted to go to.
    stevethehouse makes a good point about exposing new people to WIRE. fine. no problem with that. and i assume wfmu is paying WIRE for this gig. (none of my business, but also no prob with that) all i'm saying is would it be such a big deal to let WIRE fans have first dibs on tkts ? it doesn't matter if they are playing on the north slope of Alaska or the shores of Tripoli! (lol).

    good point about traveling to see shows. well all i can say is that we are spoiled in ny because each night there are 1001 events
    to see or attend. traveling is not something we normally do because we're not used it, and for the most part i dare say there is no need to. if you live in the suburbs or outside the ny metro area it is of course a much more common thing to do.
    I think anyone who plays a WIRE record or goes to a show is a fan. Music is for everyone. I hate it when people start making a hierarchy about who is a fan and who is just some random person.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeSep 19th 2008)
    just to be clear, the Seaport show was different in that you--fan and non-fan/passerby alike--could just show up. It was part of a festival. This upcoming show is a typical rock gig except that WFMU is paying for the tickets--along with their sponsors, presumably; I'm sure the emcee will let us know at the event--which you had to pick up in advance.

    looking forward to Times New Viking! Indeed there's so much happening in NYC that I missed yet another free show where they played early in the summer.
    one could make the assumption that people who see a WIRE show ( or any musical event) are probably "music fans". not necessarily true that they are WIRE fans. presumably some, if not all, will be converted. as in everything that's a matter of subjective taste there are varying degrees of affinity or attachment to a particular artist or group, from "casual" to "hardcore" to "Rabid". music is indeed for everyone, but not everyone is for a specific band or genre of music.
    Songs I'd love to hear:

    A Question of 6 Degrees
    You <em>Can't</em> Leave Now
    Nice Streets Above

    [edited by moderator due to profanity—B. Hell: I'll assume that was a typo. If not, don't do that again]
    I might be wrong Mr Hell, but I don't think Wire have ever done the second song you mention - maybe you're getting it mixed up with a message you have recently recieved?!
    They've never played Nice Streets Above either & only played Zoom once in Edinburgh.

    Hard Currency would be nice, since credit is crunched for lunch.

    Bad news for home owners & white people enduring the nightmare of a longer wait at an airport TERMINAL.

    Madam is wrong. It was Nemrt Dag, actually.
    Just wanted to add that I thought Wire fans were usually quite intelligent, but after reading a message from someone asking how to get into a free gig, I am having to reconsider this gross generalisation...
    What's this about Wire playing the Rhythm Factory on 24th October? just got an email alert!
    I suspect that's a DJ name unless Wire's suddenly gone all drum 'n' bass for R&B 04.
    i thought it was too good to be true!
    I regret I won't be making Chicago after all - but at least Wire's still getting the money! lol
    I'm royally pissed!!!

    I'm going to miss the Toronto show as I am being sent on a ridiculous business trip!!

    This has been a bad year for missing gigs!!
    Beat up your boss—it's the only way.
    "beat up your boss with a baseball bat"!!!!!!