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    Having re-read Wilson Neate's brilliant Read And Burn, one subject it doesn't really cover is how Wire function as a touring band.
    Does anyone (maybe Wire themselves) have the answers to the following questions:

    Is there a management agency that deals with the gig bookings, travel details, visa applications etc or do the band do a lot of this themselves?
    Where is the Wire gear stored between tours? Do the respective members take their own kit home with them or is there a central storage location (I don't need the address!)?
    What sort of transport do Wire hire? Is it your bog-standard Transit van with enough seats for the band and sound man? Or is it it more like a minibus with room to have a nap?
    Who does the driving on tour?
    What sort of accommodation do Wire stay in? B&Bs. Premier Inns? I know the purse strings can be tight on tour.
    Do the band have regular meeting whilst on tour? Do they eat together? I know in the past that inter-band communication was somewhat lacking... but I'd like to think there's more camaraderie in Wire these days.

    Any answers to the above questions will be keenly read. Although I suspect Colin, Graham, Robert or Matt are the only ones who could give answers with any authority
    well, i'l leave the first, second and last question to the band.
    as for the rest, from what i could see so far in the various recent tours:
    - mostly van with enough seats for band, gear, sound man, merch guy / tour manager and perhaps one more person
    - in the last tour the sound guy was driving
    - hotels, no B&B. a couple of times i've stayed in the same hotel myself, for instance once in Barcelona and once in Cologne
    Gear: I have witnessed Colin, Graham and, at the time, Margaret have their own guitars and effects to travel and pack.

    The drums, amps and PA were all hired in for each gig. so that cuts down on a lot of humping gear and they can all travel in the van together with 'luggage' and stay at Ibis, Premier or whatever accommodation has been booked.
    Cheers guys. It's always something I've been fascinated by ever since I saw a film about the Ramones. It's not all beer and skittles as they say....
    I know on the O47 tour they were definitely renting Amps, PAs, etc at each stop. I'm actually wondering if that is still the case because there definitely seems to be more consistency with the overall Wire live sound these days. I remember seeing multiple consecutive stops on the O47 tour and one of the most memorable things about it was how wildly inconsistent each gig was.
    They stay in dodgy Motels - the inspiration for Nocturnal Koreans
    I'm assuming that was strictly a one-off experience in America. Can't imagine nocturnal Koreans roaming the corridors of a Premier Inn near Bristol.
    Then again, I can't imagine Wire living the life of luxury when they go on tour. Loads of respect to them for that..I'm a 'mere' 48 and the thought of traipsing round the country (and doing what they do) leaves me with the desire to have a good afternoon nap.
    Has anyone heard anything about Wire's performance in Siena at the weekend?
    I saw a few pics on the Rock Fest facebook page including one of a drawing of the band.
    Seemed like a decent-sized crowd, too, although I think it was a free festival anyway.
    Not heard anything but there's an interview with Colin and Graham from the festival intercut with a little bit of footage at
    (Inc release date for next album)
    From what i hear the gig was good.

    Diamond and Cups
    Boiling Boy
    Mekon Headman
    Wolf Boar
    Advantage in Height
    Another The Letter
    In Manchester
    Stealth of a Stork
    Split Your Ends
    Used To
    Blessed State
    Pink Flag

    Most songs were played in the last gigs i've seen in the UK, plus Drill and P.F. have made a come back.
    No surprises, no new songs and also nothing from Nocturnal Koreans (most songs probably not easy to play live).
    Thanks for that. I wonder what the young Italian interviewer made of Colin and Graham's answers. She probably didn't care, I suppose....
    Only just saw this thread.

    We have live agents who book tours, plan routings etc etc. These are people I am personally in contact with a lot. We've been with our US agency Billions since 2000 and Boche (the boss) is a personal friend. Billions also get involved in the US DRILL : FESTIVALs. We've been with UT (formerly The Agency) since around 2010 and with our agent Ed (Thompson) since 2013. Non US DRILL : FESTIVALs have tended to be directly with promoters but we are planning some for next year with Ed's involvement.

    Since 2000 the basic underlying idea of all Wire live work is that we have to make a profit. There is no separate record company to subsidise touring so we are always figuring out how to streamline the operation. Anything we can do in a van from the UK we do, carrying our own backline, merch etc. It can sometimes work out to use a bus but to be honest nobody ever sleeps on the bus so we end up not really having any advantage from it (you sleep on the bus to save on hotels). Obviously for fly ins shows (like non UK festivals) and US touring we have to hire amps etc. (or have then hired for us) but we always bring our own guitars & effects (that's pretty standard BTW). The classic driver scenario is driver/merch person but in the USA Whit (our legendary FOH) usually ends up doing most of the driving. On the very odd occasion when we have a UK one off or something like a 6 music session while we are not on a regular tour we might travel in separate cars but since Matt's "monster" died this became more difficult. Matt, Rob & Myself keep our own gear at home while Matt also looks after Graham's amp & sometimes his bass.

    Hotels wise, depends who's paying :) Some shows (festivals & the like) cover hotels so we normally stay in ok hotels. If we are paying (as is the case on most club gigs) we go for clean, cheap & cheerful - normally somewhere en route to the next destination. You only spend a few hours, if that, in the hotel and we are working, not on holiday plus hotel costs make a big difference to the bottom line. The main factor determining the cost of a hotel is location so if you are staying in nowheresville on the motorway it can work out pretty economical. We are way over "living the lifestyle"! Matt & I tend to collaborate on hotel bookings in the UK & continental Europe. We've used a Travel agent in the past in the USA but may actually do everything but the big cities ourselves next time. The exception to all that is if you have to be a few days in a big city (usually the start of US tours or for US based DRILL : FESTIVALs) We try to go for somewhere nice that's not killingly expensive and a travel agent can really help with that.

    We don't talk as much as we should, in a formal sense anyway, on tour and I think that to be not a great thing. This year we've tried a bit harder to keep some kind of face to face communication about key issues and I do think that this is for the good.
    Wow! thanks Colin. A very comprehensive answer to my original question. I take my hat off to you and the guys. Organising a tour can't be easy - but it'll help there are no high maintenance divas in the band...
    On the communication issue, most men can't be arsed talking at the best of times.
    Didn't say there aren't any Divas :)
    Ha! Naming no names...obviously
    @ Stephen Hope - men talk but we always forget to talk about important stuff - I had a 'meeting' with my musical collaborator other day to talk about digital distribution and CD packaging. We talked about Gong, The Soft Machine and early '90s Jungle for four hours and it was only next day I realised we hadn't sorted the other stuff at all.