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    Can anyone point me in the direction of a complete discography of Graham's recorded work outside Wire please?

    Thanks very much.
    Kevin's Wire discography surely the right direction.
    The last version i have is from the year 2014 and includes everything he's done with Bruce, solo, or other collaborations up to 2014.
    Basically only the last Hox album "Duke of York" missing there (but then maybe there's a newer version of the discography that i don't have).
    It also lists tracks that have appeared on compilations and guest appearances on albums of other artists.
    Kevin's discography is superb. Managed to eventually find the G Lewis , BC Gilbert & AMC Flexi single & magazine issued in Japan that I did not know existed through reading the Discography link.
    Sorry if I'm being daft, but where do I find Kevin's discography please?
    You mean Cross, Grow, Prayer (which in fact is two Dome 3 tracks put together under a different name) ?
    I remember mentioning this flexi via mail to Kevin something like 5 years ago. He then added it to the discography.
    I have a copy myself, must be the most obscure Gilbert/Lewis item i have.
    Not even Graham seemed to know that it had been issued in that japanese magazine.
    Yes that is the one. Managed to get the magazine with my copy as well. It is pretty obscure.
    To partly answer my own question (lest anyone else is similarly confused!), although this only goes up to 1997:

    Please can someone point me towards the latest update? Thank you.
    I had a search myself but didn't come up with the goods. I do recall somebody on here a while ago posting a list of comp CDs they'd made containing much of the disparate contribution of EGL to compilations etc. It was a good read, but I can't remember who posted or what the thread was. Perhaps Kevin will help out when he gets a minute.
    The discography we're talking about is not published on an internet page.
    But Kevin has sent it via mail to people as a PDF file, on request.
    So yes, i guess when he reads this he might possibly be able to help out.
    Spot on Biccio. Kevin is very accommodating & will forward to Osimabu the full discography. Just message him.
    Thanks very much folks. Rather than ask for it via someone else (which seems a bit cheeky of me), I've e-mailed Kevin directly.
    Have been away for a few days and just seen this thread. Have mailed Osimabu the new up to date discography.

    Please email me if you are interested in this new edition
    Huge thanks to Kevin for this. A magnificent piece of work.

    As I said to him, it's going to take some digesting (and the wallet may be slimmer afterwards, too!)
    Got one for myself. Epic, attractive and essential! Cheers Kevin.
    Told you. never a problem to ask for an update on it or if you have lost the original Discography.
    Thanks for the compliment mark'em. The discography's not bad either hahahaha