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    Boiling Boy
    Nocturnal Koreans
    Diamonds In Cups
    Wolf Collides
    Joust and Jostle
    This Time
    Stealth of a Stork
    Sleep on the Wing
    Underwater Experiences
    Split Your Ends
    Short Elevated Period
    Blessed State
    Used To
    Advantage In Height
    Another The Letter

    Thanks for posting this...intriguing!
    Plenty of new tracks in there. Coming across like an earlier Wire in that regard. Bloody timing, though – I was driving Mrs G to the airport last night. Guildford a relative stone's throw away. Alas.
    Wow, lots of new tracks! Is "Wolf Collides" the same song as "Wolf Boar" ?
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 6th 2016)
    Medulary - that's a good clip. Did you film any other tracks? Saw numerous people filming tonight on their phones in Tunbridge Wells, it's always good to share this stuff for people who don't get to remote gigs in Kent and Surrey. It was an amazing close-up

    I never knew AinH was about the Pope btw...

    "Wolf Collides" I think is an obtuse development of "Wolf Boar".
    Sorry jw but it's not my clip. I got it from Wire's Facebook page. Wish I could have been there though!