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    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 6th 2016 edited)
    The setlist Steve posted yesterday, I think it was the same tonight - maybe slightly abbreviated in terms of the new songs

    Boiling Boy
    Nocturnal Koreans
    Diamonds In Cups
    Wolf Collides
    Joust and Jostle
    This Time
    Stealth of a Stork
    Sleep on the Wing
    Underwater Experiences
    Split Your Ends
    Short Elevated Period
    Blessed State
    Used To
    Advantage In Height
    Another The Letter

    The gigs hadn't been that well advertised and put together last minute, so it was a sublimely intimate affair. The last new one, G-Go-Go, has the ring of a hit single! It was a fabulous performance and great sound
    I only discovered this at the last moment and as it was almost around the corner, had to go. As usual, seemed more new than old, although new stuff sounded like an interesting change in direction (or was I just totally deafened and imagining things). After following Wire for 39 years, I still think they should play some more back catalogue!

    Only gripe was Mr N's hat which he appeared to have borrowed from Paddington Bear. Embrace the baldness! Most of the audience had:-)
    I actually prefer it when they play a lot of new stuff live. Used to love buying bootleg cassettes back in the day with new songs on them before they were officially released.
    That's right! I'm still waiting for Harry Houdini to see the light of day..!
    Very jealous! I was toying with the idea of taking a day off and forking out for travel/B&B to one of these but it didn't quite come together.

    Intrigued by the set lists -Only Wire could have a song called 'Short Elevated Period'...and as a child of the late 70s/early80s the song title 'G-G-Go' puts me in immediate mind of Runaround - the hyperactive 70s ITV kids TV game show fronted by the late Mike Reid (aka Frank from Eastenders) the mind boggles - in a nice way - and looking forward to whatever it is Wire are cooking up for 2017.

    As for back cataloge @Toxfly - I suspect that these low key gigs were a chance for them to rehearse the new stuff for the festival date this weekend and I betcha they drop most the old songs for the festival and those were the treat for those who turned out for the warm up.

    - Funnily enough I decided to go and see Buzzcocks tonight who I've never really seen properly apart from at festivals and felt the need to hear Boredom, Moving Away from the Pulsbeat, Autonomy etc played very loud and they obliged.
    The gig was fun (apart from the tragic bellends keeping the "spirit of punk" alive by chucking pints of very expensive craft beer in the air) and they sounded great but I got very much the sense that they were doing the same thing they do most of the year round at those Punk revival Festivals with groups like UK Subs and Sham 69. It was all a bit showbiz (especially Steve Diggle with his endless punching of air, winks to the audience, pointing and generally showboating and soloing).

    Contrast with Wire who are pretty much the same age and era - watching Buzzcocks tonight really brought it home to me how Wire have perhaps given up the chance to be on a lucrative nostalgia circuit but I'd much rather follow Wire on their forward trajectory - It's exciting that Wire have a bunch of new songs and they still have some forward momentum whereas Buzzcocks were just cranking out a load of songs that are 35-40 years old (and still people around me were moaning that they didn't recognise the album tracks and it was "too loud")